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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Weekly Review VII Feb 16th-22nd
bird poops on plum branch
  • Weight: 157.8 (down about 2 lbs from last week)
  • Morale: 9 (same as last week)
  • Stress: 8 (same as last week)
  • Go to yoga at least twice: Nope, just once
  • Do 100 Pushup Challenge: Nope
  • Add to Friendsheet: Nope
  • Work on Friendlington: Nope
  • Stick to financial budget: Yeah
  • Participate in a healthy potluck: Nope
  • Read: Yeah, started a couple new books of interest
  • Change name: Nope... gotta do this!
  • Stay off Internet: Nope
  • Work on McLeod: Yep
  • Write on Enjoymentland: Yep
  • Work on Currently In Season: Yep, once again, this work nearly consumed me this week.  I ended up submitting it to the App Store last Friday, and then updating it again last night.
  • Zero hangovers: Actually, I think I did survive the week without any hangovers.
  • Cook a new meal: Yep, made a Chicken Farfalle recipe I found on Epicurious
  • Do meaningful work: Yeah, I am feeling very productive, and learning a lot about a couple different topics
  • Make wedding album: Nope... just added this this week, cause I gotta get on it

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The Chicken Farfalle is even better today!! Yuma!!

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