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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Weekly Review part 6
bird poops on plum branch

7 pts.  Didn't do so great last week on my scores.  But I got a lot of work done on my Locavore app (that's the new name for it), and hope to be submitting it this week to the store.

  • Weight: 160.2 (up .2 from last week)
  • Morale: 9 (up 1 last week)
  • Stress: 8 (same last last couple weeks)
  • Go to yoga at least twice: Only once
  • Do 100 Pushup Challenge: Yup
  • Add to Friendsheet: Nope
  • Work on Friendlington: Nope (though Kindra and I talked about working on it... does that count?)
  • Stick to financial budget: Not really (Valentines and all)
  • Participate in a healthy potluck: Not this week
  • Read: Didn't read a lick
  • Frame and hang art: Nope
  • Change name: Nope
  • Stay off Internet: Nope
  • Work on McLeod: Yeah, sorta... simply waiting is working right?
  • Write on Enjoymentland: Yup, and got my first bit of traffic from some friendly people
  • Work on Currently In Season: YES.  This is the reason I got nothing else done this week
  • Zero hangovers: That one after Valentines was totally worth it
  • Cook a new meal: Cooked some Rainbow trout with herbs

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I think you did really well this week. Don't worry about the hanging art, either, since a) i did it all and b) we don't have the money for framing, anyhow, all my extra cash is being hidden in the cupboard for new green GLASSES. four years of the same ol four eyes my ass.

you should add wedding photo album to the list and cross off framing and hanging.

Yeah, I should switch those out. They were goals from Health Month. Wedding photo album... oh sweet wedding photo album. That'll be fun. Get Rick to send us that video! :)

I hung up some art today 'cause I saw your goal, so you can totally count that achievement as partially your own. We still have a lot of stuff sitting around the house, but at least I put up two pieces in the bedroom and got another one started...

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