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Enjoymentland's first fumbling week
bird poops on plum branch
New blog: Enjoymentland

I'm moving most posts that aren't explicitly about my life, friends, etc to It's interesting how the mere act of creating a space for learning and studying things I'm interested in has increased my actual commitment to the topics of interest. See the links in the sidebar to see where I'm getting inspiration from.

I changed the design because the lovely yellow and black Neutica theme that I was using was just a little too impractical. I always go back to the simple designs in the end.

It's interesting to me to try to earn new readers and subscribers to something again. The internet world changes so much, and so quickly, and ways of gaining readers a year ago may not work this time around. But, in the end, I'm doing this for myself so I don't really mind writing into a void as much as I probably did a few years ago. As long as the void is my void.

In case you're at all interested, here are a few of the posts I wrote last week:


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