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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Weekly Review part 5
bird poops on plum branch
I'm shifting from Health Month-related reviews to personal goal reviews.  The scoring is a little different, it takes into account whether or not I'm in my goal weight range, whether or not I keep stress below a certain level and morale above a certain level.  It also tracks large bad experiences and large good experiences, which are also tracked in the spreadsheet.  I talk about it a bit more at the end of this post.

This week's score: 9 (no change from last week)

Here's the graph so far:
  • Weight: I gained 3.5 lbs this week, as it marked the end of my 4-week no-alcohol, no-processed foods, no-dairy Health Month experiment.
  • Morale: 8 (up from 7) Felt productive, made progress on stressful business things, got our damn dryer finally, enjoyed friends.
  • Stress: 8 (same) Still a lot of things unresolved.
  • Yoga 2 times: 0. I'm horrible. My two days to go were trumped by a trip to Ballard for Kellianne's first day at Vain over there, and a movie (Frost/Nixon).
  • Do 100 Pushup Challenge: Yup. Got my record so far, tracked over on daytum.
  • Add to Friendsheet: Made a lot of progress on this. Added a couple columns (seen in last year, have phone number), created some new stats about how much overlap there is between different sets of people, and thinking about better ways to chart this data.
  • Work on Friendlington: No progress. :(
  • Stick to financial budget: Yup. Still within our weekly budget for, though I suspect that our date night will put us over the limit once it is processed by the bank.
  • Participate in a healthy potluck: We didn't do this, though we did have the Pixels over for unhealthy dinner last night.
  • Read: I'm reading "The Creative Habit" now. It's good.
  • Frame and hang art: No progress.
  • Change name: No progress. Next Friday is the day though.
  • Stay off Internet: Nope. Spent too much time on the Internet, trying to get Enjoymentland off the ground.
  • Work on McLeod: Yes, made some progress here. More this week.
  • Write daily on Enjoymentland: Yup.  Technically only 6 posts, but some of them were long so count as 2.  :)
  • Work on Currently In Season: Yup, working on designs and on maps.
  • Zero hangovers: Unfortunately, I had a hangover after Thursday's movie and rock show (Ghost of Kyle Bradford, Hallways, Kate Tucker, Ships... all awesome!).  Hangovers also tracked here.
  • Cook a new meal: Didn't cook anything new this week. Too much socializing I think.

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Remind me what Friendlington is again?

At the end of college my friends made a game called "Friendquest" which was an awesome combination of trivial pursuit, pictionary, and charades. As far as I know, the only time it was ever played was on San Juan Island, after some drinking. The best part was that my friends had written questions involving past situations and those nebulously related to us all going back four years, but had neglected to write down any official answers to the questions, which led to multiple shouting matches.

It was awesome.

Oh, it's this idea that my friend Kindra came up with in response to a friend who's apartment burned down. Basically, it's a group of people who are interested in helping people in the group when they're met with some kind of need or emergency.

We want to develop the idea further to be a support group that exists outside of companies, religions, ideologies, etc. That is founded on the fact that we trust our friends, and we trust that their friends are also trustworthy.

I think it can be a Facebook app, and make it a lot easier for people to volunteer time, money, and goods to people that need it. And it could branch out from there.

I don't know. It's still way unformed but I think the seed is there for an interesting idea.

Friendquest sounds awesome. Can you tell me more about it? Do you remember exactly how it was played and if it can be played by other groups of friends?

Well, you'd have to make up your own questions and tasks for Friendquest, but you could definitely play it. It probably still exists somewhere.

The board was handrawn and snakey like Pictionary. There were two teams, and each team advanced with their piece by rolling a die. There were different colors on the board for different kinds of questions (so it was also kind of like Brainiac).

The whole thing had been made up by 3 of our friends, and played by about 10, so most of us didn't know what was coming which made it super fun.

There were trivia questions, which were typed out on small pieces of paper. As I said, there were no official answers. The questions were pretty esoteric, like "name the girl Mike M. made out with at the Trowel House Dusty 45s party." At the time we were playing Friendquest that was like 3 years prior, and of course Mike M. was not there while we were playing Friendquest, and I don't think anyone had talked to him for a while. There were also definitely questions that were open to interpretation for their answer - thus the shouting matches.

There were also tasks to be performed and drawings to do, although the scoring here was a little vague. One task definitely involved miming the conception of the grandparents of our friend Travis who was there playing Friendquest with us - I think points were awarded just for participation. Another activity was something about interpreting some specific event from our past as though it were an act of a Shakespeare play? There definitely was a pictionary element too, where one person on the team had to draw things related to our friends and/or things that had happened to us. Admittedly, it is all a little sketchy in my memory -- I only ever played once and that is now 6-ish years ago. But it was so, so fun.

So, I think anyone can play Friendquest. Make a board. Get some good game pieces and a die. Write out some trivia questions about yourselves and people you know, and make up some tasks. Don't put down any answers. Gather friends. Add alcohol. Instant fun!

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