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Emoticon Personality Quiz
bird poops on plum branch
What does this emoticon mean to you?


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It means, "I am sad because I lost my left eye in a freak accident, and someone stole my eyepatch."

I hope this friend knows you cause you always have an extra eyepatch for such a situation. The resulting emoticon of getting a new eyepatch would be so much more complicated than ;). But at the same time, not.

It means there's a cop standing right behind you.

it means "i know a secret but i'm not gonna tell you because it will only make you sad."

I think that's how I felt all older people always looked at me when I was a kid.

"i'm joking! no i'm not, wait, yes, no. i wish i was joking but i'm really leaving you and i'm really a huge asshole"

Woah! The sad wink is packed with meaning!

my braid is addled with the creeping sickness where my vision is blurring in irregular patterns and something has breached the matrix mainframe.

I second that emoticon.

that's a frustrated, harumphy face.

I have a friend who only uses this as a response to people telling her bad/sad things, e.g.:
     me - My cat just died
     her - ;(
Knowing her as I do, I've taken it to symbolize schadenfreude, as in "Aww, that's sad, but I'm totally taking pleasure in your pain."

Ooh, I like that one. Creepy!

It's also actually the only emoticon she ever uses, which probably says a lot about her (though I'm not entirely sure what).

That's a really sad face.

It means I'm so sad I have tears in my eyes.

Maybe it means that you're sad and your mascara has rubbed off of one eye.

"I'm a whiny bitch who's just pretending to pout, but I'm really just doing it so that you'll feel sorry for me."

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
"i'm so sad i can't be bothered with the shift key"

i meant to type a winky face but i accidentally typed the wrong paranthesis b/c i type too fast.

if ;) is like "just kidding", then ;( is like "just kidding about being sad"

"I'm pretending to be sad for the world, but you and I know that I'm not."

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