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Weekly Review part 4
bird poops on plum branch
Got 9/13 on my personal goals.

Got 14/16 on my Health Month goals.

  • Weight: 156.2 (down 1.4 lbs since last week, down 9 lbs from 1 month ago, but more like 6 lbs from avg pre-Health Month weight)
  • Morale: 7 (up 1)
  • Stress: 8 (same)
  • Yoga: 2 times
  • 100-pushup challenge: nope
  • Add to Friendsheet: I added a column for "vacationed with"
  • Friendlington: nope
  • Financial budget: We did stay on budget this week, and for the whole of Health Month.  We came in more than 10% under our total "Restaurants, Shopping, and Cash" budget.
  • Read: Read a little.  Didn't finish the book this month though.  I'm gonna say fail.
  • Frame and hang art: Kellianne hung some new stuff in the stairwell, our bedroom, and the bathroom.  Now we gotta frame the rest.
  • Change name: nope
  • Stay off Internet: nope
  • Work on McLeod: Paid more taxes and bills.  But I have a meeting with a lawyer today.
  • Professional blog: Yeah, made some good progress.  Launching it this week.  More people should do this!
  • Currently In Season: Lots of good progress.  Found a designer.
  • Cook a new meal: Cool chana dal with lamb and brown rice last night.  Was delicious!
As for Health Month, I had another drinking night, and also cheated with some delicious coffee yesterday.  I think I got 14/16.  But, going forward into non-health month, I'm mostly taking away a newfound enjoyment cooking delicious healthy meals, a budding yoga practice, and the hope that 2 drinks on school nights and 3 drinks on weekends can be a new interesting game to play.  The last will be the most difficult, as desire to have restraint often fades after a couple drinks.

My weight over the last 4 weeks (though the trending line seems to be way behind), since I have a fun app to keep track of it for me:

Weightbot January 2009

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Recalling your previous reticence, I find it v. awesome that you have begun to enjoy cooking.

Yeah, it's a miracle. I've tried to enjoy cooking so many times. Turns out having lots of spices was the hook my brain and motivation needed.

(Deleted comment)
Your lamb dal was super tasty. Come to think of it, so were those health month cookies.

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