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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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wanna go pro?
bird poops on plum branch
I helped Kellianne set up her new hair blog (check it out!) yesterday and in all my fiddling with Wordpress I decided I wanted a professional blog too!  It's fun because I sort of realized what my profession is.  I always have such a difficult time when people ask me what I do.  Well, I'm an entrepreneur sorta, and a software developer sorta, and a bar owner sorta, but I don't identify even a little bit with any of those professions.  At heart, I think my "profession" is a doer of social learning projects.  A certain class of projects in particular.

  • 43 Things
  • McLeod Residence
  • Office Hours
  • 8:36pm
  • Moby Dick Book Club
  • Credit Card Roulette
  • Friendlington
  • Currently In Season
  • Health Month
  • Healthy potluck nights
  • Morale-O-Meter
  • etc
I think they can all be said to have a few things in common.  A lot of them are about bringing people together, or sharing something with others.  Most of them involve learning something new or paying attention to something that I haven't paid much attention to before.  Appreciating something new, discovering something new, etc.

So, today, I decided to be a little more official in my own head about it.  I'll start a blog separate from this one (as I've done unsuccessfully a few times before, most notably my Radical Mutual-Improvement blog).  So I'm not going to make any big promises with this one either until I'm a few weeks or months into it.  I'm a little hesitant to even link to it yet... maybe after I get a couple more posts up.  But considering I've been relatively successful learning how to cook Indian food and going to yoga and doing Health Month (except for last night) I think I may be getting a little better at starting things and continuing them.  My weekly review is helping me too, as I get to think about all of the projects I'm working on every week, and won't just forget let something fall off the radar accidentally.

I think it would be fun if other people wanted to explore this idea of feeling a bit more intentional about our "professions" (whether or not they are related to actual jobs at the moment) and start up Wordpress sites with me.  I have room on my server if you need a host.  And I can also handle all of the set up and stuff if you're not terribly technical.  All that is required is that you have a desire to take on the experiment with a bit of energy and inspiration.  Ingo's already getting set up.  Who's next!

Also, if you're already doing this somewhere, let me know!

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That sounds like a great idea! Do you have any domain ideas? If you find one that you like, I'll buy the first year and hosting for you.

I forgot to respond to this! Thank you!

I wanted for a while to start a blog/site called resourcery.com that was meant for smart, clever, dyi things.

I need to think about the health blog name... currently my mind is drawn to things like overflowing cups, water & wells, balancing scales, or the symbol for health, the Caduceus, twin snakes twisting around a winged wand.

do you have any ideas?

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