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wanna go pro?
bird poops on plum branch
I helped Kellianne set up her new hair blog (check it out!) yesterday and in all my fiddling with Wordpress I decided I wanted a professional blog too!  It's fun because I sort of realized what my profession is.  I always have such a difficult time when people ask me what I do.  Well, I'm an entrepreneur sorta, and a software developer sorta, and a bar owner sorta, but I don't identify even a little bit with any of those professions.  At heart, I think my "profession" is a doer of social learning projects.  A certain class of projects in particular.

  • 43 Things
  • McLeod Residence
  • Office Hours
  • 8:36pm
  • Moby Dick Book Club
  • Credit Card Roulette
  • Friendlington
  • Currently In Season
  • Health Month
  • Healthy potluck nights
  • Morale-O-Meter
  • etc
I think they can all be said to have a few things in common.  A lot of them are about bringing people together, or sharing something with others.  Most of them involve learning something new or paying attention to something that I haven't paid much attention to before.  Appreciating something new, discovering something new, etc.

So, today, I decided to be a little more official in my own head about it.  I'll start a blog separate from this one (as I've done unsuccessfully a few times before, most notably my Radical Mutual-Improvement blog).  So I'm not going to make any big promises with this one either until I'm a few weeks or months into it.  I'm a little hesitant to even link to it yet... maybe after I get a couple more posts up.  But considering I've been relatively successful learning how to cook Indian food and going to yoga and doing Health Month (except for last night) I think I may be getting a little better at starting things and continuing them.  My weekly review is helping me too, as I get to think about all of the projects I'm working on every week, and won't just forget let something fall off the radar accidentally.

I think it would be fun if other people wanted to explore this idea of feeling a bit more intentional about our "professions" (whether or not they are related to actual jobs at the moment) and start up Wordpress sites with me.  I have room on my server if you need a host.  And I can also handle all of the set up and stuff if you're not terribly technical.  All that is required is that you have a desire to take on the experiment with a bit of energy and inspiration.  Ingo's already getting set up.  Who's next!

Also, if you're already doing this somewhere, let me know!

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this just might be the motivation I need to start a Healing blog for my massage therapy & wellness practice! :)

count me in! what do I have to do?

That sounds like a great idea! Do you have any domain ideas? If you find one that you like, I'll buy the first year and hosting for you.

I forgot to respond to this! Thank you!

I wanted for a while to start a blog/site called that was meant for smart, clever, dyi things.

I need to think about the health blog name... currently my mind is drawn to things like overflowing cups, water & wells, balancing scales, or the symbol for health, the Caduceus, twin snakes twisting around a winged wand.

do you have any ideas?

Also sorry if it seems like I'm over commenting to your blog, it's just that you are doing exciting, positive things with lots of forward momentum and not many other people are, and I promised myself that this year I was going to focus more on positive things with lots of forward momentum.

You're not over-commenting at all. The more people who are interested in doing exciting positive things with lots of forward momentum, the better for us all. Please continue!

This was going to be an entry in my own journal, but it's really just a reply to yours, so here.

You know I sign up for everything, especially your ideas, but I've been going back and forth about this one. It's all mixed up with an email I got yesterday from the VP of the state's social studies teacher leader groupie thingie, in which he asked me for advice about teaching with technology, and then begged me to be on their board. They're related because they're both asking me to think more about and spend more energy on something that seems to be ruining my life at the moment. On the other hand, what you're saying about how "professions" are maybe different from "jobs" makes a lot of sense too. My PROFESSION is actually TEACHING HISTORY, not just being one of many dreary teachers who go to soul crushing meetings and just try to make it to vacation time. So, maybe writing about the things about my job that I LOVE and rarely talk about, and then sitting on this board that's all about those things that I love, and maybe combining both things somehow, would end up making me happier than I am right now. Or maybe not. What do you think?

Well, I definitely need to fix up my professional blog. Something is wrong with my WordPress installation and it is impossible to post to or comment on. I will eventually fix it and then join you guys in your blogginess.

If you want any help fixing it, or upgrading it to 2.7 (which everyone thinks is a big improvement, but I didn't really use the older version) let me know!

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