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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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things I like part 9
bird poops on plum branch
  1. Twitter + Facebook apps + iPhone apps + Wordpress = a really fun playground for an exciting idea.  It's amazing that this technology all exists, actually.  I started building websites when I had to store things in comma delimited files and scrape websites for their information.  Okay, I still do those things, but with all this free software and various ways to move the data around, share with people who you want to share with, have conversations, etc.
  2. I sort of have this weird desire to explain how fun writing code is to people who have never had any desire to do it before.  We should all explain to each other what it's like to do what we do at work, I think it's such a huge part of our lives that we share with people who do the same things as us but that is assumed to be really boring or difficult to explain to everyone else. 
  3. These colors.

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hey, would you be interested in writing an iphone ap that would be a Scavenger Hunt generator? like it would read where you are, and generate a Scavenger Hunt list for you?

I probably don't have the extra time for another app project. But where would it get the scavenger hunts from? Would it also make them or get them from some established scavenger hunt repository?

I suppose it would have a set list of things that can be found in a city, suburb, rural area, or mall or something, but also maybe it could use the location info to do a google search for local parks/monuments/museums/landmarks or something and take the content to generate things like a photo of the washington monument (if you're in DC) or a bit of hay from the largest hay maze in north america... or something... but maybe that's too ambitious?

could just be simple and have a list of items you could get anywhere and not bother with the location. but maybe instead you can send your list to the other people's phones... I dunno.

I like those colors too! I wonder if any of those murals are still up -- it'd be a good walk to go out and see them...

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