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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Not related to anything in particular...
bird poops on plum branch
What's your worst case scenario?  What is the worst things could become?  And, could you bear it or would it be too bad and make you suicidal?

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(Deleted comment)
The worst scenario with possibility.

(Deleted comment)
being in an accident with andy where he dies and i'm injured to the point where i could not work but still wouldn't get any help from the government, also disfigured, also losing my social network and being forced to live alone, lonely, in constant pain, flat broke in squalor.

i would probably kill myself.

thanks for making me come up with this, i'm in a really good mood now.

Brain damage, or irreparable psychological damage.

Being alone, loosing friends and family but loosing friends is the worst. My friends are important and if they were not there I do not know if I would be where I am now or be who I am now.

Traumatic brain injury, paralysis, or some combination of the two. I was actually thinking about this the other day, when I walked past a waiting room in my lab building, which was populated by TBI patients - I wondered to myself what they'd been like before the brain damage, how aware they were / weren't of their situation / how things had changed. I could deal with being alone, I could deal with being broke / homeless / etc. But not being able to walk, not being able to dance, to move / function on my own, would be really hard for me.

Being in a Locked-in syndrome coma.

My mother dying.

Realistically and in tune with what's going on today; losing my job and somehow not receiving any benefits. I'm somewhat specialized and I'd most likely have to leave Seattle to find a comparable job and leave my home.

I could get through losing my job OK, but I would be sad, disappointed, and devastated to leave Seattle. It's making me sad just to think about this. Shifts in my company always happen in February once our fiscal years ends. I feel like I'm safe, but who knows?

The coma...well, that would be hard. As long as scenario #2 doesn't happen, I would probably ask my mother to help me die. And I expect she would probably help me.

If my mother did die for some reason in the near future, I would feel terribly sad and alone. No one else could ever look after my interests like she does, even from 3000 miles away. I would probably go into a depression and move back to NJ (where I haven't lived since I came here at age 16) to be with other family.

for just myself or for "the world"?

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