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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Weekly Review part 2
bird poops on plum branch
A day late:

For the ongoing Health Month game, I accidentally ate a bite of sausage when it came with my Manhattan Clam Chowder one grumpy day.  Then, I ate the rest of it.  Yum!  And I also had a little cheese on a salad.  So, that's 14/16.  I did get to yoga 3 times, though, and I'm happy about that.  It's my favorite part of Health Month, I think.

For my personal game, I got 6/10.  Better than last week's 4/10 I suppose!  Truthfully, I was so absorbed in my In Season app that I forgot about almost all of my other projects.

  • Weight: 160.1 lbs (down 1.5 lbs)
  • Blood pressure: 115/73
  • Morale: 9.5
  • Stress: 7
  • Yoga: 3 times
  • 100 pushup challenge: 0 times
  • Friendsheet Art Project: no progress
  • Financial budget: we're way ahead on our restaurant and cash budgets, but behind on our shopping budget, mostly because of the emergencies of broken jeans and lost gloves.  Overall, though, we're ahead of our budget.  Just barely.
  • 1 Health-related book: Didn't read it much, but did a little.
  • Host healthy potluck: We had a mini-potluck on Sunday with Kindra, Mike, and the Pixels.  Octopus, clams, grape juice, and honeydew... yum!
  • This American Life podcasts: Listened to another bunch.  Liked the ones on Testosterone and 20 stories in 60 minutes best.
  • Friendlington: Still thinking about it, but no solid progress yet other than knowing that it'll continue to be a Facebook Connect app.
  • Frame and hang art: no progress.
  • Not spend as much time on the internet: I didn't spend as much time on the social internet, but did spend a lot of time collecting images for my In Season fruit and vegetable app.  I'll consider this a win, since it was a productive use of the Internet.
  • McLeod: Still going slow.
  • Other: Biggest things this week were working on my In Season app.  I made big progress with it.   I now know how to get legal images for all of my food, and know how to connect the website, the Facebook app, and the iPhone app into an integrated whole.