bird poops on plum branch


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things I like part 8
bird poops on plum branch
  1. David Schmader's live commentary to Showgirls at the Showbox (I like Doggie Chow too!)
  2. A handful of almonds
  3. The weird rhythms of the body you realize when you don't drown them all out with the ups and downs of alcohol and caffeine
  4. The anticipation of exciting meetings later in the day
  5. Days slowly getting longer
I've got a couple busy days coming up.  Secret meetings, potlucks, business and personal tax preparations, BSG party, walk-thrus, surprise parties, mini-dinner parties, work, iPhone app developments, yoga, refinancing, bill-dodging, budget planning, octopus salad making, Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebratin', and then, on Tuesday, Amnesty Day and Inauguration!

I'm sad about Dodgeball closing, but I also think that this will force us to come up with a new and updated tool to use.  We were locked in the technology of 2005 with this, and couldn't move on because it's what people were using, but it wasn't going anywhere.  It's like people who are stuck on what people said in the Bible (though 4 years is a lot less stuck than 2000 years).  The cycle of creation and destruction is a great catalyst for improvement... appreciate things while they're here, mourn them when they go, move excitedly to the coming season.  It's why I want to start moving to a diet that only eats things while in season... the appreciation of the cycle is what makes asparagus so tasty while it's here, and then broccoli, and then tomatoes, etc.  

What's important is that the people who BUILT and kept Dodgeball alive are still around (thank you harryh  for maintaining it for these last few years), and still building, and that the people who could potentially use the ideas of Dodgeball have only multiplied.  The arrival of tomatoes will be all the sweeter for asparagus going out of season.

Okay, I've taken the metaphor too far.

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