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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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things I like part 7
bird poops on plum branch
  1. Healthy potlucks with friends on a Sunday night
  2. Organizing information about the seasonality of fruits and vegetables
  3. Slightly warmer mornings
  4. Genmaicha green tea from Caffe Vita
  5. Thinking about lunch (probably Madison Market today)
It was interesting to throw a potluck with no alcohol last night.  For the most part, it was just like any other party, except that it ended a couple hours earlier than a drunken potluck probably would've (maybe also because it was a Sunday night).  But we're the same people regardless of intoxication, and I realized that I like all my friends sober just as much as I like them drunk.  Which is probably something I should've discovered earlier than 2009, and is probably an obvious thing for many, but reading through some other LJs it seems like it's not something to take for granted. 

Let's go see David Schmader's Showgirls at the Showbox on Wednesday.  And Moonstruck at Central Cinema tomorrow.  And more potlucks.  And hiking on the weekend.  And poker nights.  And maybe a trip to a casino.  Whatever!

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We do have some very good friends, don't we? Lucky ducks, all of us.

I like most of my friends sober more than I like them drunk. "slightly intoxicated"/"buzzed" is a different story.

It's true. I have especially been noticing this lately now that people have been being drunk when I have not.

I've listened to "Alison" every day for 2 weeks.

That's what your last.fm "what I'm listening to" says at the bottom of your post! :)

Ah! So it does! I thought maybe someone named Alison gave me a mix CD that made it into the box.

Funny... LJ automatically adds that information when I'm listening to something using the Last.fm app. I didn't even notice it until after I posted.

I am very interested in eating seasonally but have found information more difficult to come by than I had imagined. It seems this is a project for you. Maybe I will find out more by back-reading your journal. Have any fabulous links for step-by-step seasonal eating? I need it to be really straightforward, like: Eat carrots in November and December.

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