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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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things I like part 5
bird poops on plum branch
  1. Cold mornings with warm tea in hand and only a few blocks to walk
  2. Working with friends
  3. Short conversations about meaningful things
  4. Growing a beard for fun, even though my genetics aren't quite made for beards
  5. Turning boring work into meaningful work simply by changing the style in which I do it
Day three of health month and the general trend seems to be I feel fine in the mornings (after crazy dreams), I sink into the duldrums of caffeine-less, sugar-less, alcohol-less sadness.  Then, around 6pm I come out of it and am full of happiness and energy until well after midnight.  Sleep comes difficultly without the crash of caffeine and the softness of alcohol to assist.

I have been trying to re-commit myself to my Robot Co-op work for a while now.  Being distracted by other things has caused me to put it on the backburner somewhat.  Not that I'm not doing work... the Personality Quiz I made has now been taken by over 45,000 people.  I'm also beginning work on my Morale-O-Meter adapted for the iPhone.  But doing work, and doing it in a meaningful way, are two completely different things.  The latter is pretty much exactly the same as the former, but every action is taken in a different manner.  And that attention to details and meaningfulness in tasks is what, I think, gives the work as a whole meaning and a bid for greatness in some way.

Even if you aren't working on something that you find meaningful, it's possible to find a meaningful aspect of it.  A particular angle that interests you, a particular style of work, a particular attention to detail.  It's how I got through school, by choosing the part of my studies that I found meaningful, and diving into that, ignoring the rest.  Teachers didn't care.  And now, the world doesn't care either.  The world will take your work however you do it, but the only way to get something back from it is to make it meaningful.  This is what I'm going to pay attention to today.

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Warmest in a while, but still scarf&jacket-worthy!

I've been having crazy dreams, too! Well, not all that wacko, but I remember having a few a night which is unusual for me.

(My sleeping seems to be a bit odd, though. When I used to travel to farflung places, I would get the most peaceful nights of sleep ever when taking Larium, a substance that often gives people crazy dreams to nightmares.)

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