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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Health Month, minute 1
bird poops on plum branch
Decided to start Health Month tonight at 8:36pm so I can also celebrate the end also at 8:36pm on Feb 1st or whenever and enjoy whatever indulgence is most missed.

As of right now, I weight 165.2 lbs, my scale says I'm 13% body fat, my blood pressure is 117/69, though my blood pressure machine seems particularly fickle tonight, my pulse was 79 beats per minute, my morale is about an 8.5, my stress level's around 7 (a record low it seems), my blood alcohol level is at .02, I had a sweet moment of goodbye with my delicious cup of Caffe Vita coffee this morning, what I think I will miss most, and as for the rest of it, I say let's get on with it.

My last meal was a re-inactment of last Friday's Mulligatawny Soup, which I've posted to Epicurious (username busterbenson if you wanna friend me over there).

I plan on continuing my yoga 2-3 times a week, along with the 100 pushups challenge (has anyone started using the PushupFu iPhone app?  The one that you strap to your arm while you do pushups and it tells you if you're doing them right and lets you have pushup battles with other people in your zip code?  OMG it's perfect for me... just need to get a dorky arm strap for my iPhone).

I also plan on working on my Friend Sheet art project this month.  And trying my best to adhere to a pretty strict financial budget.  And reading at least 1 health-related book (which I think will be Animal Vegetable Miracle).  And trying at least new Indian recipe a week.  And hosting at least one Health Month potluck a week.  And getting through as many This American Life and NYT Fiction podcasts a week.  And Friendlington.  And frame art and hang it up.  And not spending as much time on the Internet.  And following through with McLeod.

Is that enough?  Is it ever enough?  Enough for what?


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I just started reading Animal Vegetable Miracle as part a book club. I was hesitant at first because the selections posited for this club all seemed to be geared toward things I don't particularly believe in as part of my own attempt at a healthy lifestyle (like open relationships), but I picked it up anyhow.

It turned out to be super accessible and well-written, and more instructional than preachy, which works well for me. I recommend it.

Animal Vegetable Miracle is SO good- you will love it. It was one of my favorite books I read last year. I think you and Kellianne would both get a lot out of it, and Kingsolver is just an awesome writer (read the Poisonwood Bible if you never have).

thirding Animal Vegetable Miracle.

also: PushupFu. oh my god. I'm happier for owning an iPhone because this exists.

I couldn't find the app in the store... what's the secret?

Since I started freelancing, online archives of This American Life have become my second-best friend. If you haven't already heard them, I highly recommend the episodes "Testosterone", "Fiasco!", "Middle of Nowhere", "Simulated Worlds", and "Switched at Birth".


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