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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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moments in time
bird poops on plum branch

Best picture of the night


Two years ago today was McLeod Residence's big New Year's Eve party slash opening. Two years ago today I almost burned it down by setting a box on the oven that accidentally turned on a burner. I put out the big fire with water from a faucet that would barely dripple, and thus began perhaps the biggest project of my life to date.

It's currently closed, but it's not dead. Things are in motion, actually, to re-open in the same spot with some new partners. Of course, the things that are getting in our way this time are pretty much the same things that closed us in the first place, but this time we have a slightly bigger hammer and a slightly better slash more experienced group of people to help us out.


Two years ago today I also met a lot of people who are now some of the most important people of my life. I met Kellianne two years ago tonight (here's the first McLeod photo booth picture of her), and gave her a big hug at the top of the stairs when she walked in, even though I had only talked to her briefly and drunkenly on the phone one night, and had a minor Flickr crush on her. Later, I wrapped both of us in paper towels and we broke up for the one and only time. Of course, I was still in a relationship at the time, and she lived 3,000 miles away, so nothing much came of that until she returned 3 months later.

I also met, that night, Andy Smull and Ingo Wurl. Andy came early to take pictures for the Stranger article that was coming out soon.  Ingo offered to be the first person to flash the photo booth and I immediately stated that we would be fast friends. And now I count the Pixels amongst my most favorite people ever!

Though I met Samantha and Josh a bit before the opening of McLeod, it was through McLeod that we really became friends!

Carinna was there! Though I don't think I met her til later at the Haiku party preparation meeting.

Not sure if I met Asa that night or slightly after, but he was there!

I did already know Josh and Twozdai, but their friend, pictured here with them, ended up sleeping on my floor at 6am that morning cause he couldn't find his way home. And a couple other sick drunks, too!  Never saw any of them again.

Of course, there were many friends from New York and San Francisco there too, including ex-wives. And good ol' friends from here in Seattle!

The point is, it was a moment in time.


A year ago today was a moment in time too! Waking up at Jess's house, and spending New Year's Eve there right between our epic cross-country road slash moving trip, right before our McLeod 1-Year Anniversary party, and a year of crazy business, intense weddings, beautiful honeymoons, and many many building friendships.


Tonight is a moment in time too! We're going to Erin's around 8:30pm then the Lo-Fi for dancing good times and then who know what will happen! The point of looking back is to realize that we're always at a crux in time.

An ambiguous time upon which the rest of our lives depends.

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I <3 that picture of the Joshes and me. That night ranks as one of my best NYE's ever. Hope tonight will be even better...maybe we'll cross paths.

Yes, I hope so! What are you doing?

We met two or three weeks after. The only people I knew that night were Andy, Ingo, Josh, Twozdai, and Angelina. Lele was working the door when I go there. I got the impression she didn't like the looks of me, but graciously let me and my friends (who bolted pretty much instantly) in anyway.

It's interesting to think of the number of people there that night that I would become friends with in the subsequent two years.

Very interesting indeed! I am glad to know you, Asa.

By the way, that night was probably the drunkest I've ever been and remained ambulatory. And the photobooth pics are awesome, but nothing tops my favorite picture of me from that night:

There is a picture that didn't get posted of me scanning the room to make sure her date wasn't around right before this was taken.

That is one hot picture. Post more if you have'm!

I LOVE THIS!! It was the beginning of my "sorrow begone" stage! And yes, we kind of met, but I was mostly standing to the corner and observing you and Korby talking about Vipassana and coming to all kinds of secret conclusions about both of you.

How many of those secret conclusions were true!?

I secretly concluded that I had a crush on Buster that night, though of course I never thought anything would ever come of it! He indeed proved himself crushworthy.

Hmmmmm. Fun question!

1. Neither boy's relationship was bringing him joy. True.
2. Both boys had needed Vipassana for similar reasons, but neither would go back. True, I think.
3. I was going to be great friends with both of them for many years, but that it would take a while for Buster to figure that out. True.
4. Buster would like the same books as Korby and I. True.
5. Buster and Korby are both public personalities who would usually prefer to be at home reading or creating things. Mostly true, I think.

And some other random personality puzzle pieces that started arranging themselves.

1. I thought the same thing that night.
2. I am convincing Buster to go to a Vipassana retreat right now! He's only doing it for me, I think. I think I need to add meditation to my resolution lists.
3. I knew right away that you and I would be great friends! I don't get girl crushes very often.
4. Y'all have some good taste.
5. Yes, mostly true on B's part. I need to get to know Korby!

We should have hung out those two years ago! I would have had an EVEN MORE awesome time. Guess we'll make up for lost time tonight.

The force is strong in my family.

LOVE FEST '08!!!

I had a girl crush on YOU! We sang the Bangles!

Speaking of girl crushes, Susie and I have a combined new year's resolution that I need to tell you about. And she has another one that involves you!

Yes, all true or mostly true. I would do Vipassana again, but yeah, only as a way to get others to go and see what happens. I still want to open my own Silent Hotel so people can be completely silent and taken care of for days on end without having to do all the culty mumbo jumbo.

It didn't take me long to want to be your friend after the haiku party, but it did take a while for it to actually happen due to disturbances in the cosmos. But now we're ON!

Books? Weird. Should we start a book club that doesn't discriminate based on gender? Do you want to join my Moby Dick book club? Have I asked that 55 times already?

Fun times. See you tonight!

I can't be in your Moby Dick book club because I ACTUALLY FINISHED IT!! You've only asked me three times. :)

I would like to be in a non-committal book club. I think that undermines the "club" part though.

Have you read the unabridged version?

My copy doesn't say whether it's abridged or not. So, no?

Okay, good. Then you're in the club.

I want to really get this club going, and do all kinds of things EXCEPT read Moby Dick (unabridged).

I love my discriminatory book club. Too bad you can't find enough boys to read with you!

Man, those photobooth pictures are hilarious. The one of me, Maarten, Josh, and Ade makes me laugh because at the time I had no idea who Ade was. It's amazing to see so many people in there that were strangers and now are friends.

Yes, it's really amazing.

this post is great for the obvious reasons, but also because it caused me to look to youtube for "one moment in time" which I'd forgotten was (a) recorded by whitney houston (2) for the Olympic Games in South Korea [youtube]

have fun souling it up: maybe we'll cross paths during the "who knows" portion of the evening.

I was thinking about McLeod yesterday, too, and feeling nostalgic. That party was so much fun. I am glad to hear that there are plans to reopen. :)

I'm still so ridiculously sad that I wasn't there, it pains me to no end to this day, but i can console myself that you all got drunk off of my champagne, and that my name appears in the photobooth pictures.


yea for waking up at jess's! i missed you guys this year!

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