bird poops on plum branch


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yoga, cows, heat
bird poops on plum branch
Tried Yoga Nidra this weekend in a two-hour session. It's supposed to be a "conscious deep sleep", one where you lie on your back and weigh opposites in your head, letting sensations consciously flow through you, watching them pass, etc. It was very relaxing and I managed to not fall asleep. Quite a task since the night before I was leg wrestling in Ballard and didn't get much sleep.

Yesterday I spent the day at Kuhlman with Ingo working on my giant origami cow and its various spots. Drinking champagne and getting my sweater fixed. That was fun. Here's how it looked when I got back from that:

The surreal side:

Giant origami cow, surreal side

The dogma side:

Giant origami cow, dogma side

The cow's name was Good Cowma, of course.

Carinna was my date at Kindra and Kristen's holiday party, that had a Santa with vibrators in his pockets for a very special lap-sitting surprise. My handmade gift wasn't quite as appreciated as I was hoping, but I got some cool knit finger puppet animals out of it at least.

Now, the heater guy is here and luckily fixing our heaters without having to replace them. No more freezing nights, yay!


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