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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Remigio! Have you seen this guy?
bird poops on plum branch

Rome - 644
Originally uploaded by Buster McLeod

Okay, we saw this guy at the fountains near Via Veneto in Rome two days in a row and the second day Kellianne approached him and we got a couple funny pictures.  The waiter at the restaurant where we sat watching him for hours said his name was Remigio and that he was a favorite character to everyone that worked there.

Then, Andy says he saw this guy in 1996. Then Allison says she saw this guy in 1989. And, a cursory search of the internet brings up a couple more awesome pictures of him.

Can anyone decipher the comments in Italian on the various pictures?

Who is this guy, and what has he dedicated his life to? He's both insane and strangely aware of his own insanity. Which makes him not very insane at all. But to dedicate 20 years to this project takes a certain different level of dedication bordering on insanity.

I want to know more.

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Remigio comments

Buster, It's been a while that I spoke even choppy Italian, but this will be fun to try.

first header=
"Non chiamatelo pazzo ma semplicemente Remigio!"
Don't call him crazy, but simply Remigio!

Almost all the comments seem to be about the photo and encouraging the photographer. Lots of "compliments for the beautiful series" that "it has kindness" and "eloquence." That kind of stuff.

I don't see much detail about Signore Remigio himself, other than "I've seen him before." One person calls him the ultimate, beautiful emperor that she has yet seen in print. (awkward in English, if I have it right.) Another says she doesn't want to leave a lot of comments, the photo speaks for itself...it's beautiful in its framing, subject, light and moment.

Someone else says that the piazza is Remigio's stage, that it's a welcoming manifestation of his exhibitionism (awkward again), that he's the most special and entertaining attraction of all attractions, that so many live their lives in a rushed and indifferent way that the writer prefers Remigio.

ONE PERSON does mention an interview of him, six or seven years ago on tg3. I don't know what tg3 is, but I believe that the word he used, "intervista" is specific to mean 'television interview.' Maybe there's something there.

Nash 72 is saying something more substantive... that the photo is of the classic good spirit (or soul), even after the insults of tourists...to laugh is to make it OK. That the man has turned into a metropolitan legend. Next, it seems (?) he is saying that he knows a university engineering professor, who is also not far from piazza Barberini and this person extremely serious but told Nash 72 that he had the problem 20 years ago. (wuh?)
he ends with:

"When I made the sign to photograph him, he commenced to shout "I authorize!! I authorize!! I authorize!!" (or, "I allow you; I give consent.")

"He wants everything to be good."

"Unfortunately I have picked a negative light. The print, it will have much to do with negative things."

........hmmm. That's kind of heavy. I will read it again later to see if I've even got that right.


The vast majority of the comments say things like "nice picture" "great series" "you should do that in black and white." It seems Italians are obsessed with photography? Who knew.

The most interesting comment is on the first one, and basically says this guy is a legend in the city, claims to have been an engineer, a university professor, insults tourists (several comments say this), is very serious, has talked to someone about a problem from 20 years ago, and "authorized" some of these photographs.

That's the most information and the gist of most comments about the guy.

He may have proposed to me. I may have a picture of him. Maybe.

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