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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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election night 2008
bird poops on plum branch
In short: SO MUCH BETTER than election night 2004 and election night 2000.

I got to the Showbox at 3:53pm because I really wanted to make sure that I got in. Once I did, I secured a table in the back right of the stage and waited for others to join. It was very tense seeing the first results come in in McCain's favor, I felt that feeling of previous dread of seeing numbers go slowly in the wrong direction. But after a few "Barack Rocks" drink specials (the McCain drink was $4 more than all the other drinks) and seeing Andrew Bjorn, Josh, Erin, Samantha, Charlotte, and Brian arrive, my nerves started to settle. Also, the news started getting better. Florida started going in his favor. More people arrived, but the Showbox was at capacity and my attempts to get people in were somewhat thwarted in the madness, even though I did manage to get backstage and ask Christopher Frizzelle and Bethany directly. Sorry Sedea and Jenn...

Brian comes up with the great idea of transfering hand stamps through licking and sticking, getting Brandon and his friend in. Kellianne and Aimee are outside arguing with the door guy, who doesn't want to let them in. After a temptation to move somewhere else, Kellianne, Aimee and I decide to wait in line and it actually goes pretty quickly. Once inside, I see that Pennsylvania and Ohio were called for Obama, and call the race. Spirits raise, bottles of champagne are purchased and quickly drunk. Nachos and chili fries evaporate.

More states get called. Iowa, in particular. Dan Savage tries a few other channels but eventually always comes back to CNN. Lots of pictures, lots of hugs, lots of making out. Lots of screaming. We see that two of McCain's top aids "see no path to victory". That's a biggie. At 8pm, polls close in Washington, Oregon and California and CNN projects Obama to win. Explosion! We are saying things that are so positive and happy that we are unrecognizable. It is awesome. It is dream-like.

We dance. We order more champagne. We go a little crazy. We spill out onto the streets where a large parade is forming. The Infernal Noise Brigade arrives. There's a huge crowd. We decide to take ourselves to Neumo's after a little convincing. At Neumo's I feel myself blacking out and passing out, so I have no idea how long I was there. Kellianne and I decide to go but then realize that the night has just started... there's a giant party on the streets at Pike and Broadway. People are arriving from all directions, the streets are closed, people are hanging from the signal lights and street sign posts. We sign the national anthem. We form long trains. People are handing out beer bought at QFC and the Shell Station. We run into Sofie, Laurie Kearney and Jacob, Eric Hawk, Andy and Ingo again, Paco, Galen, and hundreds of strangers and 5-minute best friends. There's some crowd surfing. There are some fireworks. Around 2am, we feel like we either have to leave immediately or stay until the sun rises. Considering my state, I opt for home, find a cab on the other side of the crowd, and we all congratulate ourselves all the way home and pass out.

Obama won! Holy shit. This is big. We can shed our statistics-addled, worse-case-scenario-imagining, CNN-reloading selves and start rebuilding our internal model of America on a strong foundation. I love that Obama is getting a shelter puppy for his kids. I love that McCain can return to his normal self like Hillary did. I love that we have a huge opportunity to make a huge shift in the world's perception of us for the better... partially due to how bad it had gotten over the last 8 years.

Last night:

Big party at Broadway and Pike!

This morning:

Not much sign left of last night's street party

Yesterday Josh Petersen asked me why I wanted to be out in the crowds rather than in the more private and information-gathering confines of a house, and I said, "to scream".  It's so true, for these big world-changing events, I want to be out with the people feeling the phenomenon wrap around a crowd.  This is how things change on a grand scale... I want to experience this with everyone.

America has its man.  And it has its chance.  Let's take them both.

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that's how i feel too, i want to be dancing in the streets!

Thanks again for grabbing that table for us! What an amazing night!

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