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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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anyone using Brightkite?
bird poops on plum branch
All of you all should sign up for Brightkite and add me.  Let me know if you need an invite.  I have high hopes for it... being able to post notes and pictures to places is pretty cool.  Also, being able to control who you get notifications from and who just shows up on the website for you is cool.  It used to force you to check in at an address, but I think now it allows you to do a "@McLeod Residence" checkin just like dodgeball.

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i believe i need an invite. it's my username at gmail if you don't mind.

Sent it to your gmail.

what's the point if i don't have a camera phone?

You can still do notes and lots of other things!

I want to be a carrot!

only room for two carrots. you can be a rabbit and try to eat us all night!


please join britekite. i need to make a clean break from dodgeball. especially since i quit using it except for when i'm in nyc.

what is the point of it with a cameraphone? i've been using it for a week, but haven't really figured out much beyond checking-in. even with gps it isn't especially swift at determining my location.

Have you been able to figure out how to make it so you get checkins from friends in your city (or within N miles), but not from friends on the other side of the country?

You can toggle between a proximity tolerance of 20m, 200m, 2000m, or 4000m in the configuration settings.

Ya, but it looks like when adding a friend if you check the box for getting their checkins over SMS you get them no matter what the distance. But I guess if I uncheck that for everyone and change that distance thing to 4000M then I'll get "close" friend checkins which is what I want.

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