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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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first week in Italy abstract thoughts cause I can't think in details quite yet
bird poops on plum branch
I just looked at a bunch of photos that I couldn't look at on my phone because it would use up our whole data plan (200MB for 21 days). Wow. You guys took some great pictures!

I've been writing down what we do each day in a paper journal, and twittering the names and places, and so much has happened in the last week and so much has been talked about and thought about that I don't even know where to start.

I see Kellianne over there typing away, though, so I hope she's having a better time of it than me.  Italy is simply amazing, and rich in a billion enfolding details of awesomeness.

We are loving it here. So far we've been in Venice, Como, Bellagio. In two hours we head west to Cinque Terra for a couple days. Then Florence, then Rome, around those places, then Amsterdam for a night and then home.

Despite the utopia we find ourselves in here, I also can't help but think about home, and how it's going to be so different when we return. Married, for one. Broke, for another. In a new year of transition, change, and evolution, for sure. 

What is the good life? Does it come in spite of or because of its challenges? I definitely feel like I have a great life, and a difficult one, and a challenging one, and an exciting one, and a mysterious one, all at the same time. Traveling at this time helps me see the big picture. 

To be really cliche, the greatest things in life are mostly free.  Memory, health, the ability to notice, to appreciate, to imagine.  Savoring bites of food and sips of drink.  Sharing love.  The current moment.  Humor, empathy, the view of water sparkling, walking, sleeping, enjoying.  Sometimes it seems like you have to earn everything, that everything comes at a cost, but not all things are like that.  Some things come simply by slowing down and noticing them.  You can't put the great things of life on the market, and you can't lose them on the market.  You can't work 80 hours a week for them, and you won't read about them in the news.

I really do enjoy what I have, and the people I have it with.  And that's a good place to be, as good as Italy, as good as America, as good as the Internet.

Thank you, people, places, and things that are right there patiently waiting to be appreciated.