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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Thank you!
bird poops on plum branch
The over-riding sentiment from the last few days is tremendous love and tremendous thanks to everyone who came to lil' Chillmington, Delaware to be with us on our big day of weddingness. I am overflowing with gratitude for everything and everyone that I have the fortune of being associated with. Life is so well designed and unfolded. And I have the most amazing now-wife to share it with. We are totally stoked.

Jenene was an amazing photographer and it was so good to finally meet her. Jimmy James and Chris finally got to meet Kellianne and my friend group. Family is beautiful. Rick Webb pulled off the photobooth stunt of the decade and was an huge help and friend in a hundred ways. Katie brought fun to a new level. It was awesome that my family was able to come from California, Texas, New York, and Oregon. We need to reunite more often! All our Seattle, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Florida, and everywhere else friends looked AMAZING! I'm glad I got to talk and interact with the people I did, from the BBQ to the hayride to the dinner to the dancing to the after party at The Exchange to the after after party in room 1006, I am inspired by you all. Of course, I feel like I could've talked more with each person, but we have the rest of our lives to continue the conversations the have been going for years.

I have so much more to say but it's 7:04am and I have an email to send, a bag to pack, and a plane to catch to ITALY.

I love you all. We love you all. And to life, which I hope will continue to inspire and surprise us all.

Buster McLeod Benson

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Congratulations you two! Have a blast on the honeymoon -- we were just on the Almafi Coast in Italy. Totally gorgeous -- and the weather was just awesome.

Yay and congratulations! The marriage adventure is a rewarding one.

You guys are awesome. Sad to have missed all the madness! Have a great trip.

It was so much fun to be in Delaware for the amazingly coordinated and executed festivities. Sorry I skipped out on the after-afterparty for the sake of catching a morning flight. See you after Italy!

Congrats, Buster! May all good things come your way. Have a great honeymoon (+try not to worry too much)!

I was so honored to be a part of it, Mr. Benson. I loved meeting everyone and am sad that I'll not be able to see them all again for some time. The day (and night [and weekend]) were top notch.

Thank you, and have a blast in Italy. Drink an espresso in Piazza San Marco. Take a picture of David's wiener in Florence. Dip your toes in the Mediterranean in Vernazza. Speak all the Italian you know to every shopkeeper and trattoria owner you meet.

Man, that was an awesome after-after party. And wedding, too, but that part was a given. So beautiful.

I hope you guys have so much fun!

I was thrilled to be there. Looking forward to stories from your Italy adventures!

I was born at 7:04 AM.

Congrata and love to you both.

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