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when nerds have insomnia
bird poops on plum branch

Still couldn't sleep, so nerded out by creating a new Live Journal friends page template using Live Journal's crazy s2 templating system so that it looks all pretty on the iPhone.  It was sort of fun actually.  I can't share it with you because everyone has to create their own custom templates... but once I get some sleep I'll at least post a picture and some instructions on how to duplicate what I did if you really wanted to.

For now, I think I'll try to sleep again.

update: Okay, got a screenshot up, but it does not have a recursive picture of itself within itself unfortunately.

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very cool!

question: are there any posting livejournal apps?
i haven't been able to find one through the app store.

i just got an iphone two days ago and am discovering the joy!!!

There aren't, unfortunately.

There is this page:

Which I should link to from my little template, but it's not very great.

So great that you're enjoying the iPhone... I think they're great.

there's also the post by e-mail gateway, which is probably the very easiest way to post from iphone.

Oh yeah, and then there's BlogIt, which lets you post to your LJ, Facebook, and Twitter all at once...

I'll probably link to this one instead of the minimalized posting page.

Nice. For a while I was using someone's custom theme to generate RSS for a friend's page, but since Google Reader doesn't do auth, that got kind of useless.

I'm surprised no one's done this before! I will totally use it.

Yeah, going down that path is what lead me to this and gave me the idea. I'll post what I've got later today.

I like it! Do you mean there's not a way to make an S2 theme or template public?

Not that I've been able to figure out yet. I do see that there are public s2 layers, but I don't know how to add mine. Maybe it needs to be approved somehow... any ideas?

Hrm. I thought that there was just a "make public" checkbox somewhere, but it's been forever since I did anything with the LJ theme systems and even then it was scary and over my head.

Yeah, the documentation makes it look that way but I can't find it. Anyway, it wouldn't make sense because you don't actually want to apply this theme to your journal, you just want to "preview" it by adding the s2 template ID to the URL. And unfortunately you can only preview your own templates. Lame. But cool that even this much is possible... it's a totally weird land within LJ.

For what it's worth, I couldn't sleep last night, either, and I have nothing productive to show for it. ;)

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