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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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slowing down for a few days
bird poops on plum branch
Since I'm taking the next 5 days to consume nothing but water, apple juice, and some stomach-churning supplements, I'll probably have more time to write stuff out. Lucky us all. Funny how not drinking makes days last about 3 times longer. Part of it is that sugar, alcohol and caffeine seem to speed up time, but another part of it is that without the opportunities to sit down for a good meal or have a drink with friends, one is forced to find other ways to pass the time. Yesterday, when I was in the "Day 3 grumpy phase" of fasting (but still eating a little bit) I did errands and napped and tried not to try to pick fights for no reason. Yeah, yesterday sucked.

Today is much better. I'm at McLeod and apparently a commercial is being filmed here in about an hour. I already feel more balanced and can feel energy coming from natural sources rather than artificial sources like sugar, caffeine and alcohol. This is my favorite part of fasting. No, actually, my favorite part is when the white noise in my head dies down. That part will probably come tomorrow, but right before the white noise goes away, it becomes actual noise. I can hear all the buzzing in my head right now as actual voices talking over each other.

So much is going on right now. Wedding planning, McLeod stuff, Robot Co-op stuff, financial stuff, honeymoon stuff, health stuff, house stuff, and, as stuff builds up it inevitably gets my brain working overtime trying to juggle it all. While juggling my brain tries to find common denominators to simplify it all. Having too much to do tends to paralyze me, and in order to un-paralyze myself I have to come up with new strategies to get more done with less time and effort. It's difficult work. And my fundamental purpose in life is to find difficult work that I enjoy, and people that I enjoy doing that difficult work with.

Kellianne's leaving for New York tomorrow for her every-six-weeks visit, and her last visit before our wedding (28 days!) and 3 weeks in Italy (omg). And then we all vote. And then we all validate our optimism and pessimism. And then we eat turkey, and then we give presents, and then we drink champagne, and then it's 2009!

I am glad that I have a chance to slow down for a bit this week.

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I like to mark periods of transition in my life. It's a good way to clear my head, prepare for the wedding, in this case, and mark an important point in my life. Otherwise, things happen and then are over and nothing ever really makes a mark. We gotta make our own landmarks, I think.

yeah. i thought LJ was for that. fasting sounds tough! i was wondering if maybe you were trying to fit into your wedding dress. :)

do you fast each time there is a transition? then wouldn't you get your transitions confused?

No, sometimes I shave my head. :)

WHOA! that does work. you have a nice shaped head.

Fasting is different every time! It's not so much about routine as it is about a full body meditation and cleansing. It's like a hard reset. Plus, we've always planned on not drinking for a month before the wedding. We want to think long and hard about what we mean when we say that we do.

yeah i get the no drinking thing, but man i am a megabitch if i don't eat! are you fasting, too, kellianne?

of course!

it's a fibrous juice fast, though, so we do get some filings. i would never just not eat.

mnnn interesting. do you need a blender for it?

cool. thanks for the link!

plus, one should be intestional plaque free before making "forever" vows. It's a rule in our house hold!

"And then we all vote. And then we all validate our optimism and pessimism. And then we eat turkey, and then we give presents, and then we drink champagne, and then it's 2009!"

This cluster of sentences made me very happy. Hmm. Inspiring, somehow. I'll keep you posted about your potential chick-style-mag fame, by the by... no word yet.

I know it's so crazy how summer pretty much just ended and then everything piles up in mounds of "things to do" till the new year. You must also add to your list "Jew baby alien being born by another Rockin' Roll Red Headed sister"
I can't wait for the wedding!

I used to fast but it was mainly because I was extremely poor.

October to January is my favorite time of year. BRING IT!

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