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bird poops on plum branch
Ever since starting work at this new place I've been noticing all these buildings with lofts in them. Today after lunch the Robot Co-op went on a short walk and shopped for lofts. Here's the one I would buy in a heartbeat, if only I had my shit together.

Who'll be my agent? Who'll tell me that the tomato is ugly?

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I think it's you ain't got no alibi UGLY but having just read The Tomato Trilogy, I can't put it down.

hm, that turned into a really weirdly punny comment.

Go ahead, put ugly down.

tomato trilogy? that sounds interesting.

yes, you must get it!!

who is it by? i am not finding anything called the tomato trilogy except a poem and things about actual tomatoes. it's not a seed catalog is it? :)

it's only unofficially the tomato trilogy. it's by erika lopez.

You are so nice to tomatoes even though they are sometimes mean to you.

i know, i am often so nice to things that are mean to me. lather, rinse, repeat.

We need to get you a better shampoo.

benny, i'll be your agent. i'll tell you this: that you CAN'T POSSIBLY make fun of sami's house and then choose this one as your own. that's crazy talk. there are some gorgeous lofts in seattle ... we saw lots when we were looking for ol' sama-lama-ding-dong. and of course he turned them down because he has bad (ok not terrible, but not the best either) taste. keep looking.

okay... i tend to buy the first thing i see and am trying hard not to do the same here (i can see it from my office window). i'm still making fun of sami's house no matter what. but maybe a tomato isn't the best for me. do you think there's one with a sweet potato out there for me?

Yes!!!! sweet potatoes and non-electric heating!

ha, i noticed that right away, too.

hey, are you both profession house shopper snits or something? :)

there are some gorgeous lofts in seattle

help us lookers out!

oh and you know what it look like? it looks like that world wraps place you used to work at in the u-village!

that is scary. why? because i worked at that place once before it was world wraps and ERIK AND I HAVE TOO MANY COINCIDENTAL SIMILARITIES FOR IT TO BE A COINCIDENCE! what is this, some kind of 3-way soul-mate thing?

You worked there too? When? I was one of the initial Todo Loco employees there on the first day, and I would take secret shots of ginseng in the freezer in order to stay alert at the smoothie bar. I also made Krist Novoselic a smoothie. I asked him how he was doing and he sort of stuttered. I guess it's not everyday that Kire Nosneb makes you a smoothie.

So the only question is: are you going to join the Robot Co-op or am I going to join KCTS... cause one of those things is going to happen.

Actually, I only worked at that location for one shift, but it was probably right at the opening. My first job in Seattle was at Todo Loco from January to August 1994. I worked downtown and just worked a few shifts at other locations. It is possible--and downright likely, considering--that you were there that day.

Well, what do you have to offer to KCTS? What does the Robot Co-op have to offer me? According to our prior history, we must meet again by accident--or perhaps we should harness the incredible power of our total inability to avoid each other for good rather than evil.

(Bill's office is really boring.)

ooh, I LURVE the tomato. In fact, i think it needs more tomatos. This place is for sale? If you don't buy it, you should let me know where it is so I can.

Yeah, it's for sale... though I think it may already have some bids. It's on 11th and Pike, across the street from Cafe Vita. Want to get in a bidding war? Are you looking for lofts too?

Hey, that's the old Houston gallery space isn't it?

I'm not sure, but it probably is. It used to be an old automobile showcase building and then it was something else (like the Houston gallery space) and then it became these tomatoey things. Now that I've mentioned them to a few people everyone has stories about what used to be there and who used to own them... seems like these buildings have been through a lot.

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