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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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question of the day: the bad mood
bird poops on plum branch
What is a bad mood? And what kinds of things have you found to be useful in getting out of one?

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to get out of bad mood:

- smoke pot
- exercise
- if it's nice out, get outside and walk/bike
- have sex

All of the above (well, except for the pot, for me), and buy an interesting book to get lost in.

So, basically, hijacking your brain with your body, right?

exactly, external stimuli.

a bad mood is when I seem to default to hopelessness, fear, anxiety, depression, gloom, sadness etc. rather than defaulting to optimistic/positive things.

I find that I sometimes enjoy basking in bad moods and rolling around in the hay with them for a day such that I get totally sick with/of myself and say "I'm soooo over this!!!" and the next day everything is fine.

Playing hookie from work works 99.9% of the time to pop me out of a bad mood. Coffee works WONDERS. like a big long sip of an iced coffee will send me into euphoria. Oh and super yummy food that's not healthy, like mac & cheese. that often works.

But if it's a long term gloom, I tend to eat lots of healthy foods, leafy greens, b-vitamins, yoga, sleep, sex, dancing, sunshine, picnics! and positive thinking. :)

A bad mood doesn't necessarily have to be attached to any one thing. It's when you seem to be focusing by default on what's going wrong instead of on what's going right.

If you're in one, you accidentally left with my hormones this morning. To this I say good riddance cos I feel great. Poor you. Best get into shape for GEORGE tonight.

bad moods for me are times when i'm angry at myself for the way i've reacted to something. it's a downward spiral really.

to get out of it i usually do something really unhealthy like eat a lot of fatty food but it doesn't really work very well.

if i can motivate myself to do so, getting out of the house for a walk, cleaning the house, cooking something, anything productive or healthy really will get me out of it.

A bad mood is what I'm in right now. I can't seem to un-bury myself from the looming deadlines or responsibilities. I tend to get into a bad mood when I get overwhelmed about the above-mentioned deadlines or responsibilities.

Things that get me out of my bad mood:
Hugs from special people
Getting outside into nature in some way

Things that help me deal in the meantime, however:
Making a schedule of tasks that I know I can accomplish by the end of the day

Bad moods for me usually come from a sense of powerlessness or feeling overwhelmed. I usually deal by attacking the bad mood with lists. Somehow getting the looming sense of dread pinned down on paper helps me get my head around not feeling as dreadful.

I also do a lot of journal writing.

And focusing external instead of internal can help, ie going for a walk to get myself out of my head and back into my body, which is usually not having a bad day. Bad days are all in my head.

I was going to say what Kellianne said about defaulting downward, but now I'm reconsidering.

I think that sometimes it's just a bad mood, but sometimes there IS an underlying, maybe ambiguous reason why you're in a bad mood and that the problem will just continue if you don't define, isolate, and zap it.

When I'm in one, I stop moving and looking at external stimuli, and ask myself, "What, precisely, do I need to do to get out of this mood?" Sometimes the root issue will bubble to the top of my head, and then I can either figure out how to zap it or choose escapism instead. But when there isn't a root issue, some other kind of cheerful thing (like A DANCE MOVIE! or HAPPY HOUR! or DESSERT! or A NAP!) will talk to me.

That's why I think that the instant you realize that you're in a bad mood is the turning point of the mood.

For me, a bad mood is almost always an irrational side effect of brain chemicals being out of whack or a set of bad circumstances that I am fully aware of but unable to overcome. Being fully aware of it really does take at least half of the edge off, though. The other half can be helped by booze, sex, exercise, tv, or time. Prevention includes getting enough booze, sex, exercise, tv (relaxation) and sleep, but the ladyparts hormones can thwart even the best preventative measures, alas.

For me, it's often due to frustration of some sort. With myself, with someone else, with a circumstance, something I want to change or want to be different, but feel incapable of changing. To get out of it, I write, talk to people, stew/brood for a while, embrace the bad mood and just feel the negative emotions and try to get some weird enjoyment out of their intensity, then try to talk myself out of it, mentally reframe. Distraction never works for me; I can't go exercise or drink or have a cupcake, I have to chew it over in my head and reframe it or look at it from a different angle before I can feel better.

When I'm in a bad mood I google pictures of tigers and lions and fresh water puffer fish. The cuteness always makes me smile.

I'm blessed with a pretty constant curiosity that usually just distracts me out of my bad mood because another person/news story/gadget/thought has come along to completely change what I'm thinking about.


I have the same blessing, I can easily forget something bad if another thought pops up which is always often. But thats not why im posting, to say awesome we have a connection. What im really posting about is, I can only get in my normal positive/outgoing mood if I get high. And getting high doesnt involve "burning out" or seeing things. All it does now is alter my mood and clears all the head aches for me. I feel alive, healthy, and vibrant again. However, when I sober up...thats a different story. I get depreseed, non-motivated, and all those other crappy feelings. Can anyone tell me how to DIRECTLY alter my mood without any external material?



they are like migraines. i can feel them coming on, and they sweep over me like wildfire, burning everything and everyone in the path. i shut myself in and spend the day painting my toenails, doing my hair, cleaning, mudmask, coffee, crying, drawing, living with it until it passes. and pass it does.

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