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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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What's your first memory? (a birthday documentary)
bird poops on plum branch

Wow, I actually really sorta love Vimeo. Much nicer than Flickr Video for sure. So pretty. Now if only my documentarian skills would rise to the occasion!

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Seeing myself on video is strange.

Yes, that's part of the experiment. Remember when we all used to get self-conscious when seeing pictures of ourselves? Videos are the next self-conscious-creating medium to conquer.

vimeo is awesome sauce. i usually can't play videos (or even LOOK at flickr) on my laptop at work because our wireless connection is spotty. vimeo, for some strange reason, totally works without a problem.

also: i'm sad that you lost the recording of my first memory, since that was (in my opinion) the best memory of them all.

I'm sad too. Maybe I'll continue the meme in future documentaries. It's difficult to come up with questions that are both easy to answer and interesting to listen to.

this is awesome.
my first memory is screaming at my mother because i couldn't find my HALF BREED by Cher lp single. Years later she confessed and told me that she broke and tossed in in the trash because she was sick of hearing it over and over. Child abuse.

When I was in (and just out of) high school, I had a job at a mall portrait studio taking exactly that photo.

I even had a little parasol prop.

Can you make that picture your new icon please? I LOVE IT!

You didn't screw it up at all.

It's nice to hear that I was part of your first memory. Thankfully, that wasn't MY first memory! :) ~Your sister.

Haha, yeah, I'm glad you don't remember that. What was your first memory, Kristy?

Oh, and thank you so much for the birthday cards!

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