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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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the woodwork
bird poops on plum branch
I have been getting scary calls around 1am the last couple months. Liquor Control Board usually, but last night it was Sue hysterical about an accident she had been in with Clarita. She was using Clarita's phone and I couldn't understand what was being said so I called 911 (fortunately they had already been called) and called Sue back and heard an ambulance taking them away (I asked but nobody knew which hospital they were going to). How am I supposed to go back to sleep after that? Luckily I had taken NyQuil a few hours earlier to help me sleep through the night because Kellianne has a bad case of bronchitis and is coughing through the night. It was a crazy night of anxiety dreams, being too hot, and coughing.

I woke up at 8:05am when the Department of Planning and Development called (the guy I talk to is only available by phone 7-8:30 am) and talked through some city permitting stuff that'll hopefully be resolved sooooon. I hadn't slept much at all so I went back to sleep and Lele called at 11am asking about Clarita. I called hospitals looking for her, found her at Harborview, and sat on hold for 10 minutes until the receptionist said the nurses were too busy to answer the phone and I had to come down if I wanted to find out anything about her condition.

Kellianne called in sick, because she is, but rallied to come down to the hospital with me. I was so worried in on the way over... all I knew was that her head had been bleeding and apparently the other driver was at fault. Hospitals usually give me a weird feeling (the last two times I spent any significant time in a hospital involved watching Kharis's brother pass away and, years earlier, watching my father pass away) but Harborview for some reason didn't have that same sterile hospital smell, and the building itself is beautiful. Heart racing, we found Clarita's room, and found her sleeping. She woke when we entered and she immediately assured us that she was fine. WHAT A RELIEF. She bruised a couple ribs and got a concussion, but nothing was broken and there was no internal bleeding and she would be able to leave later that day. That was so good to hear.

Meanwhile, Kindra is in the hospital with viral meningitis. It's a very serious infection of the fluids in the spinal cord and around the brain, and there's no specific treatment, but it usually clears up on its own within a week or two. Meanwhile she's planning a huge birthday party and a trip to Spain in the coming weeks, not to mention everything she's helping with at McLeod.

The McLeods have been hit this week. But we're a resilient bunch and hope that this winter of tribulations comes to an end right now. I'm ready for the spring of rewards for hard work.

The five elements of life

Time for dinner on the roof with champagne and the love of my never-taking-it-for-granted life.

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yikesorama. scary, all around. but I don't know that I've ever heard someone describe Harborview as "beautiful". Maybe just on the outside?

Even the lobby is all art deco'ed out. And the view in the back where the main entrance is is amazing... especially yesterday.

oh my god! what a scary night! im glad to hear everyone is ok....

Whew...so glad Clarita's OK. Hope KA's all better soon, as well as QC...how weird!

I'm hoping for an end to your bad calls at 1 a.m.

Spring nothin'. Let's power right on through to summer. Here we go. Are you ready?

Ugg! Thinking positive thoughts. Really glad that Clarita is okay -- how scary!

It's hard to imagine bureaucrats calling at 1am. What's up with the liquor board?

They like to pop by right around closing. They usually hit 3 or 4 bars along the street at once and make sure you aren't breaking any of their 3.6 million laws.

Oh my god

I am so glad Clarita is ok!


That is so scary.

And poor Kindra...I hope this doesn't interfere with her Spain trip.

We should keep all McLeod's indoors for a while.

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