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writing vacation
bird poops on plum branch
I'm gonna write somewhere else for a while and see if that changes anything.  If you use Tumblr, can you send me a link?

One interesting thing about Tumblr is that there are no comments.  That gets rid of both the reason the write (in order to start a conversation) and the reason not to write (because you don't want to have a conversation).  I've been writing with my eyes closed because I'm tired of experiencing everything I say twice.  Hence, the quality is debatable.  But so is it here.

  • 1 (though i don't use it, for the moment at least).

i think you already know this...

a tumblr + (livejournal+twitter) aggregator.


I hate tumblr's lack of comments. It's so pretentious and dumbing down. Drives me up the fucking wall. Luckily, so long as you feed it into, I can comment there.

My tumblr's @ lizstless, but it's just a feed of

...Totally unused as anything other than an RSS aggregator, though.

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