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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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tech question and a quick summary of our road trip
bird poops on plum branch
Nerd question: I installed a new Airport Extreme at McLeod and now the photobooth can't find the wireless network anymore. Does anyone know what might be wrong with it? Do I need a new wireless card for the PC? Shouldn't the Airport Extreme be backwards compatible? Is there a special setting I need to set?

If you could be rich in money, health, or emotions, which would you choose?

Our mini-roadtrip vacation last week was so fun. We had good family time, got some wedding planning done, saw Kellianne's old friends and their new baby (Pete, Molly, and Henry), met another good old friend (Tom), another good old friend (Katie), our mutual friend (Jess), another old friend (Kathy), got to see a bunch of the New York friends (Alice, Harry, dB, Misha, Camille, Chris), and we got to see The Verve. Some pictures here

I love "one night only" visits, especially 4 in a row in 4 different cities.

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I vote for emotions then health then money...

health first... i have plenty of emotions and i've decided that they are more trouble than they're worth. being sick blows. you can always get money...

You need to make sure the airport is in the mode where it is backwards-compatible with 802.11 b/g. Run the Airport Utility, find your airport, click 'Manual Setup', go to the tab for 'Wireless', and pick the 'Radio Mode' for '802.11 n (802.11b/g compatible)'.

Re: Airport Extreme

Awesome! I'm gonna try this tonight. Thanks!

Re: Airport Extreme

hope that works. without the photobooth, how will i remember that i came by the res?

Re: Airport Extreme

Yeah, that,

does rich mean a lot of or just as much as I want?

I can imagine having too much emotion and too much wealth.

Is it possible to have too much health? If not, then maybe that means that health is what I would choose.

On the other hand, maybe there is such a thing as too much health.

Re: does rich mean a lot of or just as much as I want?

I think rich means as much as you want.

And, just like you can have so much money that it creates problems for the rest of your life, I think you can become so obsessed with health that it causes other parts of your life to suffer. But yeah, generally you assume you can't have too much of health if you define it as balance.

But what is it about health that makes it better than the other two, other than the fact that it's resilient to having too much of it?

Re: does rich mean a lot of or just as much as I want?

Maybe it's because that's the only one of the three that we know we will not be rich in in the end.

At any point in my life there is still the possibility that I might fall in love, make a bad business decision, get rich, get depressed, etc. But there's going to be some point where I'm not going to get any healthier.

That's not necessarily a bad thing either... if people came up with cures for all chronic diseases, and nobody had to die of old age, that would make a lot of decisions a lot more difficult...


With good health (I mean truly good health) comes good emotion, and with those two, you have the capability of accomplishing what it takes to make you as rich as you want to be. Conversely, being rich cannot buy you health (though it can buy better health care) or emotion (but it can buy distractions).

maybe emotions. i want good health to be rich with wonderful emotions (ex. the high i get from a good hike or run or bike ride.), but just health without wonderful emotions seems kind of pointless.

YEA for another great ONO- kind of like UNO, as in ONE as in ONE NIGHT ONLY.

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