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for no reason i need these answers immediately
bird poops on plum branch
Poll #1175452 Tangent poll

How are your days?

Every day is the same.
Every day is different.

What's more enjoyable?

The first orange you ever had.
The last orange you will ever have.

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i think the discovery of something new is always better than knowing you'll never experience something again. it adds a bitterness to the sweet to say goodbye.

I sort of disagree, because you eat the first orange possibly with the expectation that you'll have many other oranges, and so might not fully experience the orange right at that moment. Your last orange, on the other hand, tasted after a lifetime of learning about the subtle flavors of orange, and knowing the bittersweet temporariness of it all, could be the most beautiful thing you ever tasted.

nope. you're wrong. because i said so.

i think the first time you experience something is so exciting and wonderful and overwhelming that sure, you may have better oranges down the road, so it may not be the best EVER, but the first is still better than the last.

Do you even remember the first time you ate an orange?

no, but that's not the point!

Of course not, oranges aren't even pointy.

Unless I remember every orange I eat, I won't know for sure which one will be my last.

Clearly this calls for an orange diary.


dear orange diary, today i ate an orange, it was dry, my god i hope that wasn't the last one.

good lord it's god's belly!

yet another thing to do to remember everything. and here i once thought that livejournal would be enough.

i disagree with ingo, b. the first orange i totally don't remember. the last orange i would savor. but... if we're talking about drugs.... the first time i ever tried something illicit was WAY more memorable than the last time did it, knowing that it was the *last time*. so it's all kind of relative as ever.

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