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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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my other job has exciting things too!
bird poops on plum branch
We just launched new profile pages on 43 Things (here's mine) where you can add/remove/re-order a few widgets (we're gonna be making more), and everything is just a little easier to use and pretty.  I need more goals.  I mean, I work at a social goal-making company and can't think of more things to add to my list.  I have been in purely reactive mode lately, 99% of my resources are spent responding to things that are happening rather than making things happen.  I guess I'm reacting to things that are happening to things that I made happen, but still.  I still want to create from nothing just a little.  Some summer goals are in order.

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I made a summer goal list a couple summers ago and achieved almost nothing. Some friends made one too. One thing on all our lists was going to see the house in Harlem that was the exterior in "The Royal Tenenbaums." That's the only one we achieved, and it was arguably fall. But it was awesome.

I like the new colors, but I miss some of the functionality of the old site. I try to keep my goals to one page, but now I have to pick fewer goals if I want them to stay on one page. I generally like whitespace and Helvetica, but I visit 43things for the functionality. I have a 24" monitor here and at work, and I used to be able to see all of my goals as a paragraph. It's more important for me to write a new entry than see how many people have the same goal or how many entries I've written, so I wish that link came back. I miss the "accomplished!" icons and the old, larger logo. Also, the logo looks like it isn't quite centered and the numbers and goals look like they're on slightly different lines. I do like the new colors and shapes and it was high time you guys gussied up a little... Anyway, that's my completely unsolicited design opinion. Let me get used to the new site and ask me again in a fortnight.

hey, i think i just found another connection to you. some friends here know someone you might know (speaking of 43 things), but i can't remember his name.

isn't that a great story?

i'll ask my colleague when she comes back who it was that we were talking about the other night. and i'll get back to you.

I love that person!

Yes, let me know who it is. I love weird connections across friend groups.

That funny Slovak is sitting right here next to me! Who knows him over there?

hilarious! i didn't throw in his last name, or "i understand he once took a shit in a castle," as this is a public site. :)

so, my coworker with whom i'm very close (sittin' right here!) is jennifer dillan. we were out with her and her husband dave the other night when they brought up 43 things and we realized we have some connected peeps.

i like it.

I just embarrassed him by asking him if he ever shit in a castle in front of everyone. It's just the tip of the iceberg with stories about him though... he's a very interesting guy!

I love this small world.

I'm happy about the profile feature. I look forward to filling mine out. Woo hoo!

You guys do great work. Thanks!

- Cogentdiversion

Looks great! Though I think "tell us your status" features are pretty dumb in general unless you're Twitter.

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