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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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The epiphany of 4/10/08...
bird poops on plum branch
(I wrote this expecting to post it as private but then figured it didn't really matter if it was public...)

Started with realizing again that life is art.  It is performance art.  It is a creative process that we create, appreciate, repair, restore, revise, and improvise. 

If life is art, what is the self-expression that we are choosing to self-express?  It is life itself.  It isn't a selfish expression about the self, it's an expression about the world, about how we see it, about our participation in the world.  Self-expression is actually pretty selfless in its pure form.

If life is art, shouldn't the expression we make perpetuate the message about life being art?  Does it get stuck in an infinite loop?  No.  Well, a little.  But the best way to express that life is art is to lead by example.  Create and give life to life art.  Lead by example, not necessarily trying to convince anyone about your message, but merely expressing the message as it is, as art.

The greatest good.  The art we express is about the greatest good.  What is it about life that brings out the greatest good in each other?  This is a question that brings me to the present moment and helps me understand that life is art.  Because it changes the dynamic from being attached to outcomes to being attached to intensity and intention of life. 

It's the other side of the great futility coin.  Or is the greatest good a coin with futility on one side and meaning on the other?   How does futility relate to art and meaning?

Attachment to outcomes versus attachment to experiences and intentions.  Prefer the latter.

Finally, if life came in levels (easy, medium, difficult) and we only had one chance to play, we would probably all choose to play the difficult level, right?  The greatest challenges and the greatest rewards.

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I don't know, I don't think I want to play on difficult.

Depends what you mean by difficult. Do you think the people of Darfur lead difficult lives? Do you think they stand to reap great rewards?

I think you mean that people should challenge themselves, rather than people should make life as difficult as possible for themselves.

Setting the level of difficulty in life too high can mean never getting enough traction to leave the starting gate, for many. Or ending up impoverished by throwing everything away/getting addicted to drugs. Or hurting other people ... just to make life super-difficult.

And art on its own is not necessarily a great thing by default.

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