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mulling about health and things
bird poops on plum branch
I'm trying to spend a year thinking about and caring about health.  But it's a strange thing.

Similar to when I spent a year thinking about finances and money and ended up buying a house and starting a new business, withdrawing all of my life savings and getting in a lot of debt, I've been sick more this year than ever before and have weight both more and less than I have at any other time in the last 5 years.  Thinking about something causes it to radically change, it seems.

After giving up running and going for strength training I've decided to come back to running for a while (but also still doing the slow weights, even though they contradict each other a bit).  I'm running again not for the physical benefits, but for the mental.  I realize that over the course of the last 13 years running has become an integral part in my mental processing of stress and is even linked to the creative process.  Some people come up with ideas in the shower, I come up with them when I'm running.

I had some epiphanies about stuff yesterday on my run.  Epiphanies that, if I typed them out, would sound ultra lame.  But they're rich and amazing in my head if I just mull on them privately.

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Do you really think that weights and running are contradictory? I've always considered them to be complimentary. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. Though I suppose if your goal is just to run faster, muscle mass might hinder that? I don't know, I my goal is to burn calories when I run.

I think they're two different kinds of muscle... endurance muscle and the bulkier strength muscle. More knowledgable people than I might be able to explain it better. I mean, you do build muscle by running, but it's not the same kind of muscle that'll make you able to do a lot better at the leg press. Maybe.

Well, the same can be said for cycling and running. Your body works differently doing both and a runner isn't going to necessarily be able to cycle fast/well and vice versa. I guess I see it as cross-training is the best way to go for the average person. Most of us aren't marathon runners or olympian athletes so it all various forms of training/exercise seem complimentary to me.

i didn't think that yesterday's epiphanies sounded ultra lame. they didn't even sound kind of lame. in fact, they didn't sound anything but sweet and emotionally brilliant. do you ever think my yoga epiphanies sound lame? you do not. don't short change a good light bulb moment!

sometimes the most profound realizations can seem like duh moments when taken out of context.

today's yoga epiphany: as a rocket uses pressure against the earth to propel in motion, so do we.

standard stuff, huh? but it was really good to chew on for 2 hours. phew.

It sounded lamer when I was explaining it than it did in my head. Not trying to short change it so much as find a way of keeping the epiphany in its natural form... I always seem to lose them over time by trying to articulate them too much.

I think part of the reason we can be so messed up as a society is separating the mental and physical stuff so much -- like when you're at work you need to be sitting still and staying at your desk, when you're "exercising" you need to go to a gym and watch TV or listen to your ipod to distract yourself.

I think I get about 4 times more productive at work when I get a chance to go for a long bike ride in the morning instead of just stumbling out of bed and into the office -- or maybe that's just my excuse for missing the 10 AM meeting :)

Have you read Michael Pollan's books (like Omnivore's Dilemma)? They're brilliantly written and all boil down to how to increase our health through our food choices. The latest one, In Defense of Food, describes most directly what we should be eating and what we are, unfortunately, currently eating. He believes this has the greatest effect on our overall health.

Matt and I are going to purchase a share in a small local farm this summer. More vegetables than you can shake a stick at! All grown within a few miles of our house, nature's way (not only organic, but also crafted with love and care on a small highly diversified independent farm).

Exercise is another matter. I'm working on that one.

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