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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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questions about the universe
bird poops on plum branch
Do you think the universe actively challenges your intentions and beliefs by throwing things at you that try to stop anything you really try hard to do?  If so, does it do this out of spite, or out of a desire to make sure you earn what you're trying to accomplish, or out of indifference, because it can?  If not, do you think it seems like it does, and it's pure anthropomorphism of the universe and a cognitive bias that pays more attention to bad luck than good luck, or that it doesn't even seem to do this to you?

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I think that we all see what we want to see. An adversary, a friend, a trickster. The blunt truth is that the universe just *is*. If there is a purpose, it's akin to asking an ant about the purpose of a car or a computer.

Still, the meaning that we impart to the universe is incredibly important, since it says a whole lot about us!

What do you think?

I think that the universe is telling me, by way of being a reflection of myself, that I'm difficult.

i think that the universe is telling you, by way of being a reflection of yourself and thus the opposition, that you are capable of battling things that are difficult.

i think the universe and all its chaos is designed to challenge the beings that dwell within it. i don't think the universe has desire or is capable of being spiteful or indifferent. that would suggest that it was an entity, which i don't believe it is. i believe the universe exists as an energy. sometimes that energy can work for you, sometimes against you, but i don't believe that it chooses.

I don't think we understand the universe, and I don't think it has a teleology, but we tend to fold it into our stories anyway.

I don't think the universe cares one whit about what we think or feel, and all impressions about its motivations as it relates to us are purely in our head.

I think of it is a big immutable, unchangeable thing that doesn't care about me, and any time I think it does, I should change my viewpoint to accepting that I am secretly trying to will the universe to change when I should just accept that it will not and that this is reality.

I agree. Though, whatever the universe is, it's probably unimaginable in its caring/uncaring/mutable/immutable/changeable/unchangeableness. I guess more than anything, talking about the universe is just an abstract way of talking about ourselves and the model of the universe that we play around with in our heads.

Is there a way to accept something that you can't fully imagine or comprehend?

Oh totally. We do it all the time. We accept gravity, and death, and that people find David Hasselhoff attractive. We just have to apply the subconscious tactics we use in those situations to the rare ones that we get all worked up about. ;)

All the "universe" is is you!

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