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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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me and kellianne
Kellianne and I both tested as ENFJs on the Facebook MyType quiz thing.  What do you think that means?  That's the first time I've tested as an F, I think, and about a year since I first tested as a J, and about 3 years since I first tested as an E.  For a long time, I was an INTP, like most software developers, but then these last 4 years have been a doozy and I'm probably going to end up as my opposite.  Just that pesky N remains.  Though I did test as an S once.  I should keep a Myers Briggs travel map.  Visit all 16!

PS.  This is not a joke!

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I think some of those personality types aren't necessarily that far away from each other...

True. And I bet we move between several of them during the course of a day, and even moreso over the course of a year or a lifetime. Do you know your thingy?

Ooh, I am obsessed with Myers-Briggs! So much so that a while ago, I had an INTJ necklace made for myself. And embroidered some INTJ underpants. (...I learned that wearing it so literally on your sleeve can make for very soul-bearing conversations with total strangers at parties.) There are some good online descriptions out there - even googling enfj should give you some interesting descriptions if you haven't already!

I'm obsessed too! It's funny that you, as an introvert, would be so interested in soul-bearing conversations with strangers at parties! But who am I to judge? Oh wait, I'm a J. Have you taken the test lately? I mean, even I met you at a party.

I've read a ton about ENTPs (which I was last time I did this), but now I've gotta dig up a whole new set of profiles. Funny how some personality types are more likely to set up online communities about themselves than others. And I wonder how that also plays out with necklaces. Which personality market buys the most necklaces advertising themselves?

I'm an INFJ. I've been tested a few times since I was a kid, and it always comes up the same. I wonder what would have to happen for it to change.

You're pretty resilient it seems. Maybe a strong INFJ has no reason to change. :)

At least for me, the test is close to useless now. While I'm taking it I know how each question will influence the results and that influences my answer.

Classic INTP response! :)

i've always always been an ENFP without fail, now let's see what facebook says.

again, ENFP the insrpirer. some things never change.

not wanting to be my type mean? I forget what it was, exactly, but I remember that it sounded boring. Maybe I need to change careers?

Nobody wants to be a type. Or, maybe everyone wants to be the type that doesn't include anyone they don't like. What's your score?

INTP through and through, although J seems to be running neck and neck with P. Perhaps I think I'd rather be more of a J than I really am?

i got ENFJ too. i never get that.

You're one of us! We're in good company!

ENFJ, Rah! I used to be an INFJ, and I think that's why I had never Karaoke'd before last weekend.

i'm an INTJ - which i think i have always been.
they say they are often photographers. ha

I'm an F'n LP. LONG PLAY motherfucker.

i tested ENFJ too. woot! i think last time i took M.B. i was ENTJ, but i see that i'm only 22% over into the F side on this test so i'm probably a boarderline T/F.

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