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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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This is the heart of the great futility
muppet and polar bear
Trying out this muxtape thing by posting all of the songs I made on Garageband a couple years ago... 


It's funny that I wrote these songs, because I have absolutely no idea how to ever play them again.  Even all the brain cells that stored Chicken Burrito and Answering Machine have been long since drowned away.

My favorite is still the last one, The Great Futility. 

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is that the right URL? it keeps redirecting back to muxtape.com. maybe they're just slammed.

It works for me! Weird. Maybe they don't like my songs.

works now. I think it might have been stuck in dns updateland somewhere.

Oh my god the first song is wonderful.

omg i remember chicken burrito! i can still sing all the words.

Futility is very good, but I still think I love Ludwigga. There's a lot of songs I hadn't heard before; it really makes me want to have another jam session at your place.

Quinella, what a quine. Man, you're really crafty with garage band. Hearing them all together like that is an experience. Is there somewhere where I can download them from to put them on my iPod so T and I can listen to them on our roadtrip?

I don't have them all at work, so I'll post them somewhere for you once I have a minute at home. It's too bad muxtape doesn't let you do that, since they have all the mp3s and they're supposed to all be "legal".

Whatcha been up to Jimmy James? We've got a psychic coming to McLeod tonight... I wish you could come to that event, it should be a hoot.

My new thing is the Flip Video. I think you should get one too! Mini-documentaries!

I wish I could go see a psychic tonight; although I am going to see one of YoYo Ma's friends play the cello. That'll be fun too. Today I scootered over the mountains to the beach and ate a massively wonderful lunch after I photographed it. It was very Friday Harbor-esque and terrific. But I learned that I don't scoot as well on a full belly. I'll put some pics up shortly of my T-riffic day. I scootered to San Francisco yesterday and hung out in Chinatown but got kind of sick from some bad tofu at a sketchy shop.
But back to the psychic, I could use a positive psychic experience since my last ambiguous one in Charlottesville, where she looked into my future and then was quiet and when I asked her what she saw she said in a wierd nervous way, "oh nothing, don't worry about it." or something really unsettling like that.
Regarding what I've been up to, thinking about photographing a hamster in a hamster ball rolling across the parched desert floor. But I wish I could just borrow a hamster and didn't have to buy one. So that's my current dilemma.
How about you?

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