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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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new feature idea for the downfall of all
bird poops on plum branch
Livejournal should have a feature that lets you say what kind of comments you want on a given entry.
  1. Empathic comments: Wow, that's awesome/horrible!
  2. Problem-solving comments: Well, have you thought of this?
  3. Sharing comments: You know, the same thing happened to me the other day!
  4. Validating comments: That's hilarious!  So true!
  5. One-liner comments: OMGLOL
  6. Non sequitur comments: I saw a duck today.
The next step would be to allow you to filter the entry so that only the kind of people who leave the kind of comments you want will read the entry.  Maybe this is how feedback tunnels get started.  And soon we're all living in our own self-created world with people self-selected to give the kind of feedback that you most want to hear.  But whatever, it's the future, right?

This is a good example of why I think the blind pursuit of efficiency and technology could lead to the downfall of everything.  Not to be dramatic or anything.

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mr buster "take all the fun out of it" mcleod!!!

(just kiddin)

ps i actually did see a duck today

I want to see a duck today.

what... there are no ducks in seattle???

well here's a virtual one... from the future....

There are a couple ducks, but not really nearby. Sad.

Thank you for the mallard!

If we walk through the park to lunch we can see the ducks...

(I guess this is a problem solving comment?)

Maybe it would be better to tag people on our FLs according to their role: designated "one-line commenters", "non sequitur commenters, etc.?

(Spoken like a true problem-solver!)

that's hilarious! so true!

The next step would be to allow you to filter the entry so that only the kind of people who leave the kind of comments you want will read the entry.

How can you predict this? I think it might be better for people to start with tagging their comments and then after a trend will develop which provide the rubric for how people should be filtered.

Either that, or you could just be explicit about the kinds of comments you want to get.

I think that's actually the mark of a good friendship (even an online friendship) -- that someone can sense what sort of feedback you're looking for and deliver it. It CAN be self-serving, and sometimes you need to tell people what they don't want to hear, but overall a little comfort isn't a bad thing.

what kind of comment did you want for this entry?

Hey, that didn't fit in one of the categories! Good work.

I think many people do this implicitly by selecting a network of LJ friends who will give them the kinds of feedback they want to hear.

asking for kinds of feedback

It seems to be common to explicitly ask for problem solving feedback (What should I do?) or discussion feedback (What do you think?). But less acceptable to ask for empathy/comforting/agreement. Maybe something about "real" empathy having to be unrequested.

Re: asking for kinds of feedback

Yeah, and I think it's the empathetic reaction that is the most neglected of the response types, maybe for this reason.

What the hell kind of idea is this?!

(Not really, but you forgot to mention flaming comments.)

I think it's brilliant. And in fact it should be implemented!

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