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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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I shattered my iPhone at SXSW 08
bird poops on plum branch

I shattered my iPhone at SXSW 08
Originally uploaded by Buster Butterfield McLeod

So, I switched back to the replaced iPhone that I got when I soaked my other one in a pool of water overnight. I'm willing to give this one away to someone if they make a good case for wanting it. It still works perfectly, and I ordered a plastic case that will keep the little cracks from annoying your fingers too much.

I tried to give it to Ivan (who loves things like this) but he didn't want it. Who, then? Who??

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I actually do want one to mess around with and see how the new update will work with our exchange server. I also want it because I have a 1st gen nano that i'm looking to replace. Well those are the only reasons I have, let me know though! :)

(Deleted comment)
cause i'm a starving art student!!!

(though i do have sensitive girly fingers)

Psst you can get the screen replaced!

How? Do I take it to the Apple Store?

Yeah, if you get it fixed there you'll pay $250 (maybe less when it's under warranty?).

Cheaper than buying a new phone, though.

damn it!!! don't tell him these things!!! i want a free iphone!!!

(ps i'll probably just get around to buying one sooner or later...)

Well, I had assumed that everyone commenting knew this! But I was wrong, I guess. Oops.

Yeah, you should totally get an iphone. Or get a slightly used one on ebay or from friends.

i guess for now i can just settle for a new user icon...

Yeah. iPhones remain kinda pricey.

is an iphone better than a sidekick?

and bostonista, i need your dress advice. magneticwoman, i'm adding you. it's high time.

olala i love it when a smart and pretty girl walks toward the light in her icon! telling, in a good way!!

chris' phone broke today. sure could use a new one!

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