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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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flip video and 4 big parties
bird poops on plum branch
I just got one of these Flip Video Cameras.  I like it cause it's super simple, has a good amount of space, and exports easy.  I always buy things like this before realizing I'm too self-conscious to actually use them, so we'll see.  Too bad it won't be here before this weekend's Opening Weekend bash at McLeod.  Although the main parties are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, there's gonna be a smaller party for members on Thursday that should be fun as well.  Take your pick!

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What do you think will be prime time on Thursday? I have tickets to the symphony, dammit! ;)

I think we're doing a champagne toast and a member family photo around 10pm! Can you make it over by then?

Cool, I'll probably race in right on time. This'll be fun!

what time is the mass burning of our members only jackets?

Right after we drink the Kool-Aid. PS. We keep the jackets on.

oh, it seems like only yesterday (or maybe it seems like ten years ago) that you were unwilling to confirm or deny that this thing was one big death cult. at last!

I'm still not willing to confirm, not confirm, or confirm that I'm not confirming that there is no confirmation about any of this. Nope. You're gonna have to find someone else for that.

the presence or absence of koolaid tinged smoke will be confirmation or non-confirmation enough.

that Flip thing looks cool, I'm curious to see the quality of the video.

Also, I'm in town from March 28th - April 4th. Anything particularly noteworthy going on at McLeod on those evenings?

We'll find out soon!

There's always something going on at McLeod... especially this next couple months. Karaoke hosted by Ade on Sundays should be good for one.

Are you coming into town for work or fun?

both! Hope to see you soon

march 30th will be my WEDDING at mcleod, and i hope you can make it. also april 4 is an opening for all new exhibits!

sweet, sounds like a great week to be in town!

doesn't your regular camera take video?

mine does. you can use it if you want. but not to film me. i never say anything interesting but do plan on being more insulting to folks in general. off camera.

this is what I don't really get about Flip. How/why do you like it better than a using video on a digital camera?

now with Flickr Video out, I was contemplating getting one of these things. What's your opinion of the Flip after having had it for awhile?

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