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burning balloon
I'm going on a hot air balloon two weekends from now, weather-permitting!

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D*: I have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride

There's a good place in Snohomish that I can recommend! Airial Balloon Company. I've gone up with them once before and they even borrowed an extra big hot air balloon so it could fit all of my friends in it.

They saber champagne afterwards too. And take you to the local market for some of the most delicious corn you've ever had.

it's too expensive for me right now.

Yeah, it's a bit pricey. The first time I went, I held a raffle where people would buy tickets and I used the money to buy as many hot air balloon rides as I could and then raffled those off for people to come with me.

how many people can you fit in one balloon?

Normally 8, I think. But with the extra big one, we had 10.

sounds too scary.

dude, you could DIE.

It's pretty scary, true. You're not even attached to anything up there! And, they don't even have seatbelts! And, we almost crashed into a barn last time.

awww ian and i were just talking about how much we want to do that. too much $ though.

don't you still owe a ride to jenn, though?

Hold a raffle at your wedding party!

And yes, I do owe Jenn a hot air balloon ride.

i went on once and it was awesome- like a magic carpet ride.
i need to do that again!

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