bird poops on plum branch


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blip blop
bird poops on plum branch
My dream told me the other night, in a voice that sounded more real than usual, that the rest of my dreams were going to start being more real and relevant to my life.  It has something to do with my latest illness.  Then I watched the Aviator (which I loved!) and began to feel like I was having deja vu when he got into those weird repeat things over and over again and go crazy phases.  It's a little eerie but I can write it all off on too much self-medication and a few remedial (yet satisfying) tasks I've been partaking in, such as:
  • Manually scanning in hundreds of new McLeod membership cards, writing out names on stickers, and sticking them on the cards to give to people this week at McLeod's Opening Weekend (you are coming to at least one of the days, right? (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).
  • Tagging hundreds of Flickr photos with a special tag so that I can collect them all and project them at the party.  By the way, looking at all these pictures is pretty awesome.
  • Writing a monotonous script to download all these Flickr photos because there doesn't seem to be a way to do that on the Mac ANYWHERE on the Internet.  It's seriously one of the first times I've been disappointed in the Internet in a long time.
  • Uploading and download huge files of zipped up photos around the Internet.
  • Picking tan cat hair out of our white shag rug.
I've turned into a bit of a robot.  Boop beep bop.


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I still don't have my ID card :)

save one for me!!

I just made you one! Come and get it on Thursday... or whenever you get back! They'll be behind the bar.

where do i gets an id card?

Looking at those special tag pictures makes me laugh. It's been quite a year. This weekend is going to be so fun!

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