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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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sxsw, frrvrr, iphone boo, brunch yay
bird poops on plum branch
Wow last night's party was AWESOME.  The layout of the Mohawk is so great, running around the different levels, seeing so many people and actually being able to talk to them before the madness started, during the madness, and when the madness was cooling down.  Hitchhiking was fun too.  I can't wait to see pictures because of course I didn't take any.  I love people.

Not sure why I haven't been hungover or sleepy this entire time.  Is it all the Red Bull?

I feel really stupid for breaking my iPhone again though.  Boo.  Someone knocked me in line at the PV Lounge as they were telling us at 2:30am that nobody else was gonna get in and it fell on the ground in such a way that the screen shattered.  Boo.  It shattered in such a way that it created a sinister pattern that seems like a monster mocking me, and I had nightmares about it.  I can't really explain.  I feel like Bob from Twin Peaks broke my iPhone.  I have that extra one that I got from the Apple Store when the first one broke, but it was supposed to be Kellianne's.  But for the next two days in order to use my phone I have to touch shattered glass and maybe get tiny glass splinters in my fingers.

I'm also worrying about other things that I can't resolve until I get back to Seattle.  But it'll work out. 

Can't sleep.  Luckily Ali has finally arrived and is ready for the day to start!  I'm gonna get my first brunch with her before the rest of the people wake up, and then do the second and third brunches in a couple hours.

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I like the Mohawk a lot. You gonna be around at all tomorrow?

I leave tomorrow morning... just barely time to hand off the baton. :(

i miss the stuffing out of you. i added extra pillows to the bed, but it's not the same. i love you so much that you can have my iphone. cool, huh?

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