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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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things I have learned in my life
bird poops on plum branch
An interesting site: thingsihavelearnedinmylife.com.

I think I might contribute to this project as part of my "make some art" New Year's Resolution.

Selecting from the ones on the site, I think I agree with the following things he has learned:
And I guess I don't fully think all of those things are right.  And I guess something else I've learned is:
  • Some things that I strongly believe are true actually aren't
It's tough coming up with my own things for this list, even though I've got all kinds of lists of my own commandments and my own goals I don't have an easily accessible list of things I actually believe are true.

I remember pitching this idea back with 43 Things had first launched... a list of beliefs instead of a list of goals.  It would be interesting to see who believed the same things as you, and how they came to believe them.  Also interesting... a list of things you used to believe, but have since stopped believing.  I think it was a drunken conversation with silverfae9 the other night about learning from experiences where I heard or said something along the lines of "Instead of learning something from the experience, forget something that you thought you knew."  Because don't the wisest people of history always say that the wiser you get the less you know?  And aren't self-righteous people who believe something so strongly that they accept no evidence that contradicts it usually the least intelligent?

Okay, now someone should start thingsiusedtobelieveweretruebuthavesincefoundoutarenot.com.

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On a slightly more facetious childhood level, there is iusedtobelieve.com.


That domain isn't taken yet.

I don't think you'll be truly happy until you start an honest-to-God cult. Do it! It'll be fun. I'll join, I'll be your chief henchman and associate minister of propaganda. I have unbelievable references.

Oh I have some ideas for that site

How about:

"Only you are responsible for your emotions and behavior"

That is certainly something I feel to be true, true, true.


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