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today is the day
muppet and polar bear
Come to MOE Bar at 5:30 tonight to watch Super Tuesday roll in.  Happy hour lasts til 8.

I'm gonna apparently be on Northwest Afternoon this Friday for a 6-minute segment... not sure what time yet... to talk about 43 Things and life lists.  I didn't want to do it but Kellianne talked me into it.  I guess it's not very believable to say that I want to be on Oprah if I'm too shy to go on our local news network for 6 minutes.  They say I can't wear jeans cause it's business casual... but I disagree, jeans are totally business casual these days.  I hope they blue-screen me onto a warm beach somewhere... without legs.

The new Hot Chip came out today.  I can't stop listening to Ready for the Floor.

Health month is officially over for me.  I celebrated by putting cheese on my salad at lunch.  I'm gonna relax the moderation rules (a bit) for the next two days, and start up on Thursday again.  My acupuncturist today said my liver is still a bit screwed up, but not because of the alcohol... I'm just sensitive.  So she gave me some herbs in a jar to help... I'm supposed to put 16 drops of "Relaxed Wanderer" on my tongue 3 times a day for the next couple weeks and it's supposed to strengthen my liver.  

Today is the day.

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1. can you just ichat yourself into the interview and change the background every few minutes?

2. does Moe still let you order Pizza from Via Tribulani?

3. one shot of whiskey for every obama win. one shot of scotch for every clinton win.

1. That's what I asked.
2. I never knew they did but that's an excellent idea. Pizza is at the core of everything that's not allowed during health month. Therefore incredibly tasty.
3. You do realize that my tolerance is probably back to what it was in my teens due to not drinking at all this last month. But I'll agree to house rules.

3. I will probably need to amend this point to "drink" or "sip" given that I have to be at work early tomorrow.

I'll do that with red and white wine. Too bad there's no blue wine.

just have them add a little curacao. or b.y.o. food coloring.

OMG, that's hilarious and I'm glad she talked you into it. I hope I get to see it!

They said they'd record it to a DVD if I brought one in. Which means I should be able to get it onto YouTube. Only if it's not really embarrassing though.

I think it needs to be youtubed no matter what.

there's a really hilarious This American Life segment by Davy Rothbart (founder of Found magazine) about his cross-country stint of various local news shows:

I'll check this out from home tonight!

The best part of being on Northwest Afternoon is that you'll have a little clip of you with NWA on the corner. GO NWA!

That said, I was able to get a DVD of my segment last year, so you shouldn't have any troubles with it.

yeah, that'll really help your liver.

Do you know what this ointment is? Or are you joking? I can't tell with you, dry sense of humor man! :)

Oh sure, I totally put my faith in something called "Relaxed Wanderer." I bet the double blind lab experiments that support its efficacy are AMAZING!!!

Why do you hate the Chinese? :) It's 18% alcohol so it can't be all bad.

I love how you're putting smiley faces in each of your comments to me. Am I really that scary and grouchy?

:) :( :)
:( :) :(
:) :( :)

You don't like it when I ssssssmile? :)

you don't like it when i grouse?

STFU! ^__^



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