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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Health Month roll call
bird poops on plum branch
Rick is guessing that the failure rate for Health Month is 80% (meaning 20% make it all the way through).  I think it's higher than that, if you count the people who actually started to begin with.  Here's what I've tallied so far from what I know:

  1. Me: in
  2. Kellianne: She's out on Feb 1st
  3. Rick: in
  4. Judi: in
  5. Ingo: in
  6. Andy: in
  7. Alice: in
  8. Rachel H: in
  9. Rachel Moonraye: in
  10. Ivan: out: cheating like crazy even though he thinks he's still on it (Eastern Europeans)
  11. Laurel: in
  12. Scott N: in
  13. Heather: out about half way through
  14. Jenn: out on Jan 18th with drinks and Jan 27th with food
  15. Carinna: not sure... I think still in
  16. Ryan: in
  17. Miranda: out on Jan 21st
  18. Jonathan Vanasco: out on Jan 25th
  19. Keith Butters: out on Jan 17th
  20. Stephanie Durrell: out on Jan 13th
I think that's all I can glean from the Facebook group and the Livejournal community.  Who can add more to the statistics?

Current tally for success is: 12/20, or 60% success rate.  Not bad, right?  And even the people who got out early probably received a large percentage of the benefit.  I personally feel like I'm in the long tail of the benefit, but want to be thorough and see it to the end, just in case there's a secret hidden track or something.

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You know, even at 60%, I think you are still doing fine. You guys have a pretty restrictive diet going, and I say that as a long-term vegetarian who doesn't drink or smoke... [I follow 9 out of your 16 rules.] Most of the people who gave up did at least two weeks, and I think two weeks of health month is a decent turnout.

I talked to my mom last night -- she's still in. I'm really proud of her for cutting out sugar and cheese and refined carbs from her diet. She said she lost some weight and is feeling good. She modified it to have one cup of coffee in the morning (but no cream or sugar). I guess she's old enough to know that she can't survive without caffeine.

maybe you spoke too soon for me

How much can you cheat and still be in?

I was only behind by one drink until tonight at dinner, some friends made some excellent bourbon bread pudding which probably violates at least half of the rules. Throw some bacon and tea in and I might get a bingo.

Maybe Ivan gets a pho exception... and a frites exception...

Re: maybe you spoke too soon for me

is there a meal that violates every food rule? I was thinking about:

bacon cheeseburger at a fast food restaurant
with french fries and diet coke (pour a bit of rum in)

that's pretty much all of em. Finish up with a smoke and some drugs, and you're good.

In! But today was the hardest day so far, and this weekend will be worse!

The 11 other barbarians: all out in the first two weeks.

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