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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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bird poops on plum branch
Who in Seattle has a television, a little extra room on their couch, and plans on watching Lost's 2-hour season premier on Thursday?

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I'd be tempted to invite y'all over to my house or Carolyn's... but I'm not certain that this Thursday would work due to tight schedules. But next week, perhaps?

So what's up this weekend? Any time for brunching and/or drinking (carrot juice)?

Oh come on, let's do it this week. Tight schedules schmight schedules. What's your address and can we come over by 7:30?

I really can't this week. Really. But next week. Will you be in Seattle? Are you going to NYC too?

I'll be in Seattle but Kellianne won't. If you're offering a place to watch, I accept. Where do you even live?

Queen Anne, and Carolyn lives in West Seattle. I'm assuming that in that case, my drafty house would be a more accessible venue?

Yeah, probably. Unless there's a good bus to West Seattle and a bar near Carolyn's house for post-Lost drinks.

I've got both! Let's plan on next week for Lost, then. You can see the house...

who watches TV when it airs? TiVo!

Yeah, well this week is different than most cause Kellianne's leaving Friday morning. After this week, I think we'll just download it from iTunes the next day...

But I don't have a TV or a TiVo. And strangely, 90% of my friends don't either! I didn't realize until just now how many people have gotten rid of their televisions!

that's funny. I don't know many people without TVs out here. I didn't have one for years but then I bought a little TV/VCR combo when I got addicted to Buffy. Now of course I have a sophisticated home entertainment system!

Do you watch shows on your computer? Do you have a large screen?

I used to have an awesome projector that would work on my wall, but I donated it to McLeod. Kellianne had a 20' iMac so we set it up upstairs and just watch shows and movies on that. It's perfect since it also works as a stereo with FrontRow. One day I'll upgrade to a bigger screen...

I'm starting to think i should have left you one night early!!

The Lost premiere is what my week is planned around. If you want to come over and watch on the giant tv, you know who to call!

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