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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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bird poops on plum branch
Yesterday I was in a good mood and thought I'd create a mini Plantster site so that I could fit in with all you cat and dog lovin' fools over at Catster and Dogster. The idea came up over drinks at the Chapel last week with lalamaus, mizrobot, and Jen. I even took a picture of my beautiful little Aloe Plant named after one of my favorite directors Roman Plantanski. Such a promising little guy, too bad he's a bastard (the director, not my plant).

Notice how its little arms reach out and touch faith. It loves the new day. My own morale was higher than it had been in a long time. Ah, fresh air. Sunny skies. New frontiers. Its long limbs lazily laying in the luscious light, encouraged by the soft melodies of "Dead Disco" and "You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead", songs painstakingly extracted from my early morning voice box. Good morning Roman Plantanski. Little did you or I know that it would be the last morning of your innocence and the minus one morning of your eternal torment.

Laura Beth kicked it out my window at 4am and it fell three and a half stories. Trying to make the best of a bad situation, we used the broken aloe limbs to soothe the wounds each of us had acquired during the night... again LBJ had the biggest wound, a large bleeding scrape on her knee and smaller cuts along her arm. We met up with her and Rick a bit late so I assume those happened earlier. But now the poor thing even in the sunlight doesn't exude the same confidence of a day before... you can probably tell... before any of us imagined anything so horrible would happen to any of us.

And the plan that everyone was advocating to me yesterday that my illness would go away if only I just kept on drinking so far isn't working. Maybe it's a 48 hour remedy. At least now I can sing along to Leonard Cohen's new stuff.

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damn, if you can't even keep an aloe alive...

hmm, nevermind. i can't either.

isn't it sad to hear about kitties these days? i see kitties in posts in my friends' list and i just have to skip right over them. because i can't bear to think about what i left out in kent.

You're right, I guess this means I shouldn't have babies anytime soon. Which, luckily, is consistent with my belief that babies are despicable. Or is the word indubitably delicious? In any case, I especially shouldn't have baby plants. Or, if I do have a baby, I shouldn't pull a Michael Jackson and invite a drunk ex-Angel over to the windowsill and say, "Don't kick little Roman out the window please." Cause that just gives them ideas.

I can't even reply to the cat comment. No comment.

do babies = crispy critters?

crispy critters cereal's entirely new


scary. why did you force me to think about that?!

Re: crispy critters cereal's entirely new

What good is mind control if I don't use it?

Roman Plantanski! I love it! It's better than calling the Pulaski Skyway the "Roman Polanski Skyway" as we do.

L.Cohen has new stuff??

Well, I guess by new I actually meant within the last 12 years. Didn't realize that "Future" album was that old!

Hmm...lemme know if Democracy ever comes to the USA!

oh erik, is it any wonder i love you so? this post is still making me fear i'll wet myself. even after the third read and three changes of bottoms. oh. and i'm sorry for roman's loss. they do say that disabilities make one's capabilities that much stronger! ahem. yeah. :)?

I almost called you for dinner tonight but I just felt so sick that I knew I wouldn't be any fun. What are you doing this weekend? Any time for dancing and drinking and fun-having?

I'm in San Francisco! But if you want to fly down, I am SO THERE! :) Next weekend for sure, okay? Oh, and we need to stop kissing the same people. I'm sicker than sick too. I hope you'll impulsively invite me to dinner in the future. Feel better. xo

Oh, for some reason I knew you were going but I assumed it would be in an alternate dimension, and not conflict with any plans I was making. That darn SF with which we share a space and time continuum! Okay, I'll wait patiently for you to return home... then, expect to dine with one sickly dude.

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