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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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exclusive sets of three
drowning polar bear
Ever since I heard the analogy about how you can pick two of the following three things when writing software (good, cheap, fast) but can never have all three, I've been especially keen to hear about other sets of three that make sense like that. 

My favorite analogy involves food.  A meal can be healthy and tasty, or tasty and cheap, or healthy and cheap, but it's rarely healthy, tasty, and cheap.  Does anyone know of more?

Thinking about Egger and kindness and the interpretation and misinterpretation of actions out there, I've been trying to think of a similar set of three.  Today I came up with beautiful, great, and kind.  I think it's a little different... there are plenty of things that are the trifecta of beauty, greatness, and kindness, especially with people.  But I want to focus on actions rather than objects.

The ending of the book I just finished, As She Climbed Across The Table, was an act of beauty.

Kristen's recent event/fundraiser/art show at McLeod, The Galaxy Of Pain, was an act of greatness.

Kellianne's move to Seattle was an act of kindness.

If anyone has thoughts or examples of acts of beauty, greatness, and/or kindness in their own lives, I'd love to hear them.  It's still all a little unformed in my head, even though I went ahead and registered the domain for a potential project.  Domains are like shoes for nerds.

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I learned fast/cheap/good when I was in design school freshman year. It works over a lot of different professions I guess... Good is always the hardest of the work trifecta. Healthy is the hardest of the food trifecta, I think... Does your new trifecta have one side that's more dominant?

One doesn't jump out immediately. But I think that if I start thinking of and finding examples, we'll learn pretty quickly about which quality is the hardest to find.

Not an act of kindness, really

Related fast/cheap/good statement (regarding throwing more engineers on a project):

"One woman can have a baby in nine months, but nine women can't have a baby in one month."

Re: Not an act of kindness, really

That's awesome. I'm glad it's not possible cause that would be disturbing. :)

my grandfather owned many acres of land in marshfield, ma. he bought it for a small amount back when it was cheap and he sold a small amount of it to another family early on and then he farmed on some of it and left most of it alone for a long long time. he gave some of it to my parents a few years ago and they built a little house on it, right through the woods from my grandparents' house so that they would be close to one another as they grew older. the issue was left of what to do with the rest of the land when he died.

he could have sold it to eager buyers, who would have thrown down as many houses as possible on to it, but he didn't. he could have left it up to his children, who probably would have fought over what to do with it (who gets what and so forth) for years and years, but he didn't. he gave the rest of the land, which is covered in beautiful pine forest and animals and endangered plants, up to conservation. basically it's in his will that this land stays covered in trees, forever. which, to me, is each an act of beauty, kindness and greatness. a man who didn't think selfishly about his land, didn't sell it off chunk by chunk to make money, didn't want to burden his children with the responsibility of making the right choice over what to do with it, and above all, believed in the power and beauty of nature and wanted to see it preserved.

That's a total trifecta! Lovely. If I start this site up, can I use this story as a submission?

of course! that's why i sent it... :)

Do you by any chance have a picture of this place?

Vegetable soups are cheap, tasty & healthy (as long as they're prepared well).

yeah I would say that most veggies fulfill the trifecta (a lot cheaper than meat) given that they are prepared with some skill...I have been reading about how the cheapest calories are in very processed foods like cereal, chips, soft drinks etc. and how whole foods are supposed to be a lot more expensive but then I look at beets and parsnips and rice and oats and can't quite believe it, they are so cheap I think. I guess the different is having the time/skill to cook them.

As for beauty, kindness and greatness, my high school best friend's family moved from CA back to SC in order to care for his grandma who has Alzheimer's. She is still going strong after 20 years. My family is not quite so good at caring for one another (my parents are both black sheep of their families) so when I see people directing their lives like that, it is really touching.

beauty, greatness and kindness

hmmmm. beauty, greatness and kindness. i think these are substantially more subjective than the other trifectas, which are really pretty objective. i think this puts the latter trifecta in an entirely separate category. not is it much more subjective, but i think the three adjectives here overlap much more than the other sets of three words. sorry. i can't offer more than that right now. my legal mind won't let me. ;)

Re: beauty, greatness and kindness

Yeah, it's not as perfect as the other trifectas, but I like the idea of going around my day with a filter trying to see which slot(s) things fit into.

By the way... I'm reading Eat to Live right now... about half way in... it's quite interesting! I'm glad I'm reading this during health month when I'm adhering to many of its suggestions... reading it at any other time might be too painful!

Maybe great is the hardest?

I can think of lots of things that are beautiful and kind. But what makes something great (do you mean big/significant/famous/etc..?).

= Venessa Brown

There's the one about people in nyc always looking for a satisfying job, apartment or boy/girlfriend... often you can have two but rarely all three at once...

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