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Do you know anyone with a leap year birthday?

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Yes! My ex-roommate's cousin... For some reason, she had a bunch of relatives with birthdays on holidays.

Incidentally, there are a bunch of people on 43things that keep track of birthdays. Look up the "birthday fairy" and see if there's anyone there with a leap year b-day...

Funny how many parts of 43 Things I don't even know about. :)

I checked but unfortunately it didn't have anyone for this year yet.

Glad to point that one out! I don't know who started it and I thought it was cheesy at first, but I really like getting the messages from people, even users I don't necessarily know...

You should look up all the chatter about cheers sometime! People get really into cheer tennis or cheer volleyball, and they grumble about the cheer goblin... It's a little obsessive...

My best friend had a friend in college who was a leap baby. She was crazy, as would be expected.

I think it would be fun to have your wedding anniversary on 2/29 -- it would take a long time to become an old married couple :)

Was the friend or the baby crazy?

In my opinion all babies are crazy.

The friend was the baby (well, had been, she was 5 or 6 in leap years when I met her), was the crazy one.

i replied to your tweet...let me know if you didn't see it.

Got it! That's the closest person (6-degrees-wise) so far.

An ex-roommate of mine had a leap year birthday. I haven't talked to her in years, but I've thought about her a few times since realizing this was her year.

yes, rose's dad scott.

Only in elementary school. I wonder what the actual odds of having such a birthday are?

1 in ( [3x365] + 366)?

(Deleted comment)

My class teacher when I was 9.

The whole class found it incredibly hilarious when she told us that this year she was turning seven.


You'll probably find out if my kid shows up on the 29th (Estimated due date 28th).

Exciting! You should try to make that happen. Haha.

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